10 Questions To Ask Before You Buy New Carpet

10 Questions To Ask Before You Buy New Carpet 10 Questions To Ask Before You Buy New Carpet

Does the price of the carpet include carpet padding and installation?

Different carpet companies make their offers in different ways. Don’t assume anything. Always make sure you are getting full pricing for all three pieces of the process, or you may be shocked at the end with a bigger bill than anticipated.

Does the price include removal of old carpet?

Its easy to get so excited about the final outcome, you forget about the process. If new carpet is going in, something must be on the way out. How will you dispose of it? Can they haul it out for you, or will you need to find other means?

Is there a guarantee or warranty on the carpet, padding, and installation?

Different manufacturers have different rules and offers. Not all companies are the same. When you narrow your choices down to the final few, dig deeper into what each company offers. Don’t forget to ask about the warranties on the padding as well. Also find out the company’s policy on workmanship – if you have a problem in a few weeks, what’s the process for having it fixed?

What do I need to do to maintain the warranty?

In order to maintain a warranty, some companies require a certain amount of maintenance. Vacuuming, carpet cleaning all can be a part of the process to keep your warranty effective.

Will someone come out to take accurate measurements of my room?

One of the worst situations to be in is to not have the right carpet size for the situation. With some companies, you’re completely on your own for final measurements. For some, they prefer to send out a representative to take charge and make sure everything is in top shape throughout the process.

Can I borrow samples of my choices to determine the perfect choice for my room? How long can I have the samples?

Carpets are a major decision. And with each selection, they may impact your room in different ways. By comparing carpets side by side in your room at different times of the day, you’ll ensure your final selection is the right one.

Where will seams fall within my room (s)?

The last thing you need is to have a seam right in a heavy traffic area. And problems with it keeping its shape in just a few short months. Discuss your traffic patterns and the final room setup with furniture and décor with your flooring consultant. They will be able to request final layouts that make sense for your room and your family.

Is there any other charges that I may not know about up front – metal stripping at thresholds, stair step charges, etc?

We all hate nickel and diming at the final payment. Before you move forward, ask for any additional fees that may effect the outcome.

Is there a charge for moving furniture?

Moving furniture takes time – time away from the actual installation of your carpets. If the layers have to do it, chances are you’ll find the fee on your final bill. Make sure you ask upfront for charges and make any adjustments to your rooms ahead of time.

Is this carpet choice the best for my situation (pets, kids, heavy traffic, etc)?

Every family has different needs. When you head in and make your choices, the flooring consultant doesn’t understand your situation. Do you have 3 year old triplets that are constantly making messes? Do you own two dogs and two cats? The more they know about your lifestyle, the more they will help steer you towards choices that are right for you.

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