3 Planning Tips To Consider Before Replacing Your Floors

What’s the first step in upgrading your flooring throughout your home?

It actually begins in your home. Before you fall in love with a new kind of flooring, its important to figure out what you already have in place and what it will take to remove it to install your new floors. By doing your homework early, you’ll face less anxiety as installation gets under way.

3 planning tips to consider before replacing your floors 3 Planning Tips To Consider Before Replacing Your Floors

1. Your current flooring may be a health hazard

You loved the quirkiness when you bought your urban home. But now its time to replace that old vinyl or asphalt flooring and put in something a little more modern. While its good to upgrade and get a more modern, efficient flooring, be aware that any flooring installed before 1978 may contain asbestos. This includes flooring that’s been covered up previous installs.

If a floor containing asbestos has tears, breaks or wear marks, it may be releasing asbestos particles into the air. And since asbestos can cause serious diseases of the lungs and damage to other organs – most of which will not appear for years – its important to eliminate the problem as soon as possible and by using contractors that understand how to remove it safely.

2. Consider resale value

You love your home and aren’t planning to move anytime soon. Yet what if your job is transferred to another state? What will you do once the kids leave home? Yes, as much as we love our homes, sudden events can cause us to uproot and call a new place home. Which means as you are shopping for new flooring, it may also be a wise decision to think about resale value as well.

Look around your home. What flooring choices have always bugged you? Chances are your potential buyer will think the same things as they tour your home. People love hard surface flooring – tiles and hardwoods. If you ever plan on selling, this is where your advantages lie.

3.Take your time

Its easy to get sucked into the first choice you see. But remember, flooring isn’t something you’ll replace every day, so its important to be sure of your options, and ultimately your choices. Don’t shop a store and make a selection instantly. Instead, consider several options, and bring samples home. See how it fits in with the rest of your décor. How does it look in different times of the day? The surer you become of your choice, the happier you will be with the final product.

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