5 Reasons Bamboo Flooring Might Be Right For You

5 Reasons Bamboo Flooring Might Be Right For You 5 Reasons Bamboo Flooring Might Be Right For You

If you are considering a flooring project, you are well aware of the huge number of options open to you.  You could have carpet, tile, linoleum, vinyl, hardwood … and the list goes on.

As you wade through the sea of choices, materials, and prices, please don’t overlook an exciting new option available to you: Bamboo!  To get your thoughts flowing with the possibilities, here are five reasons bamboo flooring might be right for you.

Bamboo flooring is highly durable – Many people want hardwood floors for heavy traffic areas, but they are scared away by the price.  Bamboo floors are just as durable as many of the most popular hardwood flooring options at a much better price.  Bamboo flooring does very well with daily wear from pets, children, dropping objects, etc.

Bamboo flooring is warm and inviting – The natural growth patterns of the bamboo create a unique and inviting flooring.  Currently, bamboo flooring is available in two colors: the light blonde most people think of when they think of bamboo, and a richer amber color caused by boiling the wood prior to installation.

Bamboo flooring is easy to clean – Bamboo floors do not require harsh cleaning chemicals.  As a result you breathe easier, have less hassle cleaning the floor, and spend less on floor cleaner.

Bamboo flooring is eco friendly – It might surprise you to find out that bamboo is actually a grass.  What makes bamboo flooring so eco friendly is the fact that bamboo is a highly renewable resource that, unlike hardwoods, takes relatively little time to replenish.

Bamboo flooring is more resistant to humid conditions – Many people in more humid climates tend to shy away from real wood floors.  Over time, the extended exposure to that much moisture could potentially warp the floorboards.  However, since bamboo is more resistant to humidity than hardwood floors, you can get the wood look you want without having to worry as much about the climate you live in.

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