7 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Carpeting

Carpet is an investment that can raise your home’s value as well as provide endless décor options. Carpeting is also a great addition to a room’s overall look and style. But carpet has a limited life depending on its use. The life span of your carpet isn’t forever, but how do you know when you should replace it?

7 signs its time to replace your carpeting 7 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your CarpetingConsider the following seven signs that it’s time to replace your carpeting:

Sign #1: Stains are still visible after cleaning. When you get your carpet professionally cleaned, it should look and smell brand new. However, if there are still stains and odors present after a heavy duty cleaning, it may be time for new carpeting.

Sign #2: Your allergies start up. Because older carpeting retains more allergens, it may trigger your allergies to act up. Your older carpet may be the culprit of your watery eyes and sneezing.

Sign #3: You can smell lingering odors. Pet odors and smoke can penetrate deep into the fibers of the carpet. There may be even some mildew growth if it the carpet hasn’t been properly cleaned in a while.

Sign #4: There are rips and tears. These are sure signs that your carpet damage is considerable. While small tears can be professionally repaired, large rips usually require a total replacement of the carpet in order to prevent tripping hazards.

Sign #5: The carpet is worn bare. One of the purposes of carpeting is to create a plush feeling under your feet. If the carpet no longer feels soft and looks rejuvenated even after a professional cleaning, your carpet is most likely worn bare and needs to be replaced.

Sign #6: It’s over 20 years old. According to experts, you should replace your carpet at least every 20 years in order to maintain good indoor air quality.

Sign #7: The color is outdated. Changing the color of your carpet from bright red to a maroon or mocha color can update the look of a room instantly. It also gives your house more buying power if you are selling.

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