A Basic Guide to Caring for Your Oriental Rug

Home decorating comes as a passion for many homeowners. Both men and women love knowing they live in a place that feels like “home” and can claim it as their own. While it can sometimes be tedious to find the perfect décor for the home, with enough research and dedication to the project, the home goes from blank walls to a home fit for a king (or queen as the case may be).

a basic guide to caring for your oriental rug A Basic Guide to Caring for Your Oriental RugAre part of your decorating plans to include an Oriental Rug? Great investment choice. But before you find the perfect design for you, here is what you’ll need to know over the life of your rug.

Caring for Your Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs offer functionality and aesthetic appeal. They tend to be the sturdiest of rugs and resist wear and tear, stains and aging easily. In order to keep the oriental rugs in pristine condition, proper care needs to be taken on a regular basis.

Add quality padding.

Padding makes your Oriental rug more comfortable to walk on and will actually help extend its life. Moreover, the padding will minimize the wrinkling made by movement when you or your guests travel on it.

Avoid any water or spills.

Rugs, in general, absorb water moisture and can leave a lingering smell. However, with Oriental rugs, water causes even more havoc than traditional rugs since they are crafted of a heavy, hand-woven cotton material. Humidity, a form of moisture, causes rugs to shrink and will degrade the carpet fibers. If water spillage occurs, ensure to blot the moisture area with a white cloth or towel to help pick up any excessive water. Pick the Oriental carpet off the ground and carefully wipe underneath it as well.

Clean all spills immediately.

If food or drink stains, outside of water, occur it will be pertinent to clean up the stains immediately. The way you care for these stains can be the difference between a ruined carpet and a pristine carpet. Blot the area gently with a white towel to remove the excess liquid stain. Using a mild dish detergent with cool water, carefully scrub the stains – ensure not to scrub too far to prevent spreading the stain. Blot with a towel afterward.

Vacuum Periodically

Like any carpeting, vacuuming will help your Oriental rug withstand wear and tear and have a long lifespan. When vacuuming, never use a rotating beater brush attachment. They will cause excessive wear and tear on the rug and in some cases damage the Oriental rug.

For additional questions or concerns, just ask. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and show you new Oriental rugs that will add to the décor of your home.

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