A Guide To Natural Linoleum Flooring

True linoleum flooring has always been one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available.  Everything from creation to disposal of this flooring meets the highest green standards.  This being said, customers looking for eco-friendly linoleum flooring need to be careful.  Within the flooring industry the term linoleum has long been used to also refer to vinyl flooring.  This synthetic material does not share the environmentally friendly features of true linoleum flooring.

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Natural linoleum flooring makes use of renewable resources.  All the materials used to make natural linoleum flooring exist in nature.  For instance, the cork dust is ground from the bark of a cork tree that regrows its bark every ten years.  The rosin that is used to give flexibility and strength is tapped from the trunks of pine trees (a process that causes no damage to the trees).

Many forms of natural linoleum flooring require no form of adhesive.  The only step of creating or using linoleum flooring that could cause any negative environmental impact is the installation of the flooring.  Many forms of linoleum avoid this possibility by requiring little or no adhesion to the subfloor.  If you do need an adhesive to lay your flooring, be sure to use one that meets all low VOC requirements.

Natural linoleum flooring can have a very long lifespan.  Natural linoleum flooring can endure the wear and tear of daily use for up to forty years.  Just think of the implications this has on the environment.  If the flooring lasts for so long, there is less need to replace it, calling for less use of materials, and less material collecting in waste management facilities.

Natural linoleum flooring is recyclable or biodegradable.  When your linoleum flooring is worn out, it can still be used.  Old linoleum can be used as a source of fuel, providing a clean source of energy.  If linoleum is thrown away, it is biodegradable, and will not produce any environmentally harmful gases.

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