All You Need To Know About Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is gaining popularity amongst environmentally friendly homeowners.  Cork flooring is a great hard floor option.  It provides a great look, a great feel for feet, and a great option for the environment.  If you are looking at potentially getting cork floors for your home, here are a few things you need to know about cork flooring.

Environmentally friendly – Of course, one of the greatest features of cork flooring is the minimized environmental impact.  Cork flooring is created by harvesting the bark of the cork tree.  Bark (especially cork bark) is a naturally renewable resource.

Hypoallergenic properties – The natural properties of the cork oak tree make cork flooring an excellent option for households with allergies.  The flooring is moisture resilient, mold and mildew resistant, termite resistant, and much more.  This flooring option goes a long way to protecting your home from allergens.All You Need To Know About Cork Flooring All You Need To Know About Cork Flooring

Child and pet friendly – Because of its natural resiliency and resistances, cork flooring is an excellent option for children and pets.  The flooring does not easily show scratches and is a softer hard floor option, making it optimal for your special, little loved ones.

Multiple room potential – Cork flooring is an excellent option for almost every room in your home.  The only areas you might want to be cautious about are wet areas like bathrooms and the kitchen.  Cork can be installed in these areas, but it is best to take additional precautions against the moisture in these rooms.

Cork flooring options – Cork floors are typically available in plank or tile form.  Plank flooring can be laid to look very much like the traditional wood floor, while tiles create more of a square pattern.  These planks and tiles can be left in their natural light color, they can be stained, or they can be painted.

Cork flooring is an excellent option for your next floor.  Cork is easy on the environment, easy on your family, and easy on maintenance.  With a little love, your new cork floor will last you for years to come.

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