Best Choices In Flooring For Wet Locations

Trying to find the perfect flooring choice can always be a difficult and overwhelmingBest Choices In Flooring For Wet Locations 201x300 Best Choices In Flooring For Wet Locations task. Add in extenuating circumstances, such as a room that is subjected to a lot of water or humidity, and your choices become that much more difficult.

Wet locations provide a particularly difficult challenge when it comes to flooring.  For dry areas, your choices can be mainly guided by budget, personal taste, or functionality.  When you are considering flooring for wet locations, your main consideration centers around how well your flooring will wear over time.

So, what are the best options for flooring these wet areas of the house?

Concrete is one of the best options for flooring in wet locations.  If you concrete is only for patios and garages, think again. With today’s new modern technology, concrete floors can look good anywhere – from your laundry room, to your kitchen, to your front entry and more.

Sheet Vinyl is another good option for wet locations. Sheet vinyl today is not what you remember in your parents or grandparents’ homes. Today its stylish and functional, giving you a sophisticated look in any room in your home.  If vinyl is your choice, go with the sheet vinyl and avoid the vinyl tiles. Since sheet vinyl comes as one solid piece, there are no crevices for water to seep through the flooring and damage the under layers or the sub flooring itself.

Ceramic or stone tile are also useful in wet locations.  Actually, it is such a good choice, many builders use it in their original design of bathrooms and showers. Tiling can withstand almost any type of wear you give it, and will continue to look good year after year.

Linoleum is composed largely of oil, which serves well as a water repellent.  As such, linoleum works fairly well in wet areas.  Sheet linoleum is better than linoleum tile since, again, the tile has cracks.

Other flooring options are more difficult to handle in wet areas.  Carpet for instance holds water, which will eventually lead to mildew buildup within the padding.  Wood flooring of course can be easily warped by even small amounts of moisture.  Laminate flooring isn’t much better, since similar to wood, laminate flooring can be warped in the presence of moisture.

Remember, flooring can be bold, sophisticated and beautiful, no matter what choice you make. Head in and talk to your flooring consultant with an open mind. You’ll be surprised at the options available to you … and how happy you’ll be with your final selection.

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