Choosing Domestic Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add a wonderful effect to any room.  Hardwood floors have an amazing ability to add elegance or a rustic charm depending upon choice of wood, application, and coloring.  Many wonderful hardwood options are available from domestic hardwoods.  With a wide range of colors, grains, and overall appearance, you are sure to find an excellent option for you hardwood flooring needs whether you are looking for upscale or hometown rustic.

Oak – Oak is one of the most popular choices among the domestic hardwood flooring options.  Oak comes in two distinct varieties: red and white.  As the name would suggest the greatest variance between the varieties is the coloring of the wood.  Red Oak Natural has a red/brown hue while the White Oak Natural tends to come in a lighter, golden brown.
Choosing Domestic Hardwood Floors Choosing Domestic Hardwood Floors
Maple – Maple hardwood comes from the Maple trees grown in the northern areas of the United States and much of Canada.  This wood type is known for its pale, creamy color and light graining.

American Cherry – American Cherry wood has a rich red/brown color with a unique graining.  This particular flooring option is typically installed in wider planks.  The finished effect provides a floor with unique graining in each panel that provides individuality without looking overly busy.

Birch – Birch wood comes in two varieties much like Oak.  Yellow Birch is more common among homeowners and has a light golden color.  Red Birch has a darker tone and comes from the heartwood of the tree.

Walnut – Walnut hardwood has a rich, dark brown color that looks like it has stood the test of time.  The mellow tones and gentle wood grain make a cozy, comforting addition to your room.

Pine – Pine is one of the softer hardwood options available.  Pine is most well known for its rustic look.  It’s light color and knotty grains appear at home in a cozy cottage in the woods.

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