Clean Wood Floors Without Refinishing Them

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to a home.  But while these floors can be beautiful, they can also be a lot of hard work.  Proper maintenance can keep these floors looking beautiful for years, but even the best-kept floors eventually begin to fade.

So, what do you do to restore your floors to their former glory?  Refinishing is an extremely messy and expensive process.  Do you as a homeowner have any other options?  Are their any methods for cleaning your floors without refinishing them?  While it’s true that no floor will last forever, there are a few things you can do to renew your floors without refinishing.

Regular maintenance – Floors that have been neglected for years cannot be magically “fixed” with a deep cleaning treatment.  Regular sweeping and mopping with a slightly damp mop and mild solution will go a long way to clean hardwood floors today and tomorrow.Clean Wood Floors Without Refinishing Them 300x300 Clean Wood Floors Without Refinishing Them

Spot cleaning – Life happens.  Even with the best flooring care plans, sometimes spots get a little bit more love.  These soiled spots then need a bit more love from you.  For dark stains use a mixture of one part ammonia to three parts water.  Sticky spots can be dealt with using a touch of mineral spirits.  If your furry friend caused a mess, attack it with half bleach and half water.

Deep cleaning – For those times that you really want to restore the shine, consider a deeper level of cleaning.  Sweep the floor to remove large debris.  Vacuum to get a better clean.  Next use a tack cloth to pick up any remaining litter.  Once the floor is as dirt free as possible, use a slightly damp mop to apply a light layer of hardwood floor cleaner (be sure to get a cleaner that is compatible with your flooring type).

These three steps should keep your floors shining for as long as possible.

And when you’re ready for a change, give us a call. We can help you choose new hardwoods, select a green technology flooring like bamboo, or add tiling for a more personalized choice.

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