Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors The Green Way

Cleaning your hardwood floors can be a hard enough task under normal circumstances.    But when you try to go green in your cleaning methods, things can get a bit more complicated.  Depending on who installed your floors, the company may have suggested a harsh chemical to maintain the floor’s luster for years.  Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors The Green Way Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors The Green Way

If you want great looking floors that are also great for the environment, look no further than the kitchen pantry.  Your quest for green cleaning products for your hardwood floors may be as short as a trip to the cupboards.  For greener floors, here are a few cleaning supplies you should keep on hand.

Water – While this is the most naturally green product out there, your hardwood floors could definitely get too much of a good thing.  Getting the boards slightly damp for a short period of time is ok, but if you get too much moisture on the floor, it can easily seep in between the cracks and warp the boards.  Just remember, moderation is the key, and when it comes to water and hardwood floors, be very moderate.

Vinegar – Now you have another reason to keep vinegar in the pantry.  Not only does it come in handy during pickling season, but it also serves as a great floor cleaner.   While your nose may find this option slightly offensive, your floors will shine in gratitude.  One-half cup white distilled vinegar to one gallon of cold water will keep your floors clean and shiny.

Tea  – If your nose cannot handle the strong smell that vinegar gives off, you might consider using tea instead.  A weakly brewed tea will work wonders on hardwood.  Brew two to three bags per gallon of water for approximately five minutes, and then apply to floors.

Happy cleaning!  As you clean green, be sure to test new methods in a small area first and wipe the floors dry as soon as possible.

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