Commercial Carpeting – How To Make An Entrance

When people enter your location, you want to give a great impression right from the start. Why not do that with customized commercial carpeting?

In most commercial spaces, the entrance has the biggest impact for setting the stage. From warehouses, to office buildings, to high rise residential, to hospitals, retail locations and more, the entrance is the place where impressions are made. And in some cases, accidents can happen.commercial carpeting how to make an entrance Commercial Carpeting – How To Make An Entrance

Carpeting isn’t just for looks; it provides functionality too. Here in Colorado, rain or snow storms can pop up at a moments notice. When people run in from outside to take cover, the last thing to worry about is safety. And with some flooring choices – wood, vinyl or tile – it can be a set up for a dangerous situation.

That’s where commercial carpeting becomes the best choice.

Commercial carpeting doesn’t have to be wall to wall covering the entire commercial location. Commercial carpeting can be any size, large or small. It can be whatever you choose it to be.

Why not have customized carpeting dyed to match your locations coloring, the perfect setup as people make their way inside and to the front desk?

Or why not try custom sizes, perfect for carpeting around obstacles such as built in cabinets, support beams or even anti-theft sensors?

In some cases, wall to wall carpeting isn’t the best choice. Rugs of high quality are a better choice. In commercial locations, rubber backing will help minimize mat movement, especially important in high traffic areas. Or consider customized styles, colors or even patterns.

If you’re ready to make a statement, there are many options that can allow you to do in any way you choose.

Ready to make a statement in your commercial location?

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