Concrete Floors: The Right Choice For Your Home

Concrete Floors The Right Choice For Your Home Concrete Floors: The Right Choice For Your Home

Concrete.  Concrete forms much of the foundation of our homes.  It serves as a durable walkway (sidewalks) and an excellent road surface.  We all know about the functionality of concrete, but have you ever considered using it as a flooring option in your home?

In today’s world, concrete is no longer a boring grey substance that we associate with the standard facilities of our homes. In fact, it can be a whole lot more.

Modern flooring techniques have created several elegant finishes for even a substance as rough as concrete.  So, before you totally rule out concrete as a flooring option, consider some of the options available in concrete flooring.

Colors:  Concrete is now available in a rainbow of colors.  Depending on the look you are going for, there are several methods for adding color to concrete.  Integral coloring allows for the dyes to be added during the mixing process.  Stains are added later and create a translucent look for the floor.  Dyes are added right before application and create a very vibrant look.  Colored hardeners are added to freshly laid concrete and creates a surface level color.  Of course, paint on dried concrete is another option.

Surface:  The surface of concrete flooring can be textured based upon your desired appearance.  Of course, the most well known texturing method is troweling.  This isn’t the only option though.  If you chose concrete flooring, you could get the floors smoothed, polished, stamped in a tile pattern, or scored.

Most concrete floors are created by using a fine concrete mix rather than the more coarse mix typically used for industrial use.  There are options however, for homeowners who desire a bit more texture.

One other great feature of concrete flooring is its versatility.  Floor specialists can either use the existing concrete subfloor or create a decorative overlay depending on your budget and flooring needs.

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