How To Choose A Floor You’ll Love

How To Choose A Floor Youll Love How To Choose A Floor You’ll Love

When considering new flooring options, you can quickly be overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of options.  If you recover from this shock, you will likely be sent reeling again when confronted with the price differences within each option.

So, do you go with a dark, wide wood floor or do you choose a light carpeting option?  Would it be better to have ceramic tile or stone in the bathroom?  Vinyl or real?  The questions go on and on, and in the back of your mind you are probably also wondering, will I still love it in a week, a month, a year?  While there is no guarantee that you won’t change your mind later, here are a few things to consider to aid you in your quest for that floor you will love.

Consider style – Your home is an expression of who you are.  So, who are you?  Are you the type that loves softness and cush?  Do you prefer elegance and refinement?  Are you laid back or go get ‘em?  Each flooring option makes a statement all its own, so try to find a statement that best matches your statement.

Consider your lifestyle – Not only do you want to think about who you are, you should also consider what you do?  Is your home a place of constant activity?  Do you have dinner parties every weekend?  Or are you the more laid back type?  Is your time at home spent mostly relaxing and enjoying quiet moments with loved ones?  Your activity levels will go a long way to dictating the durability levels you will need in your new flooring option.

Consider the cash – While none of us want to be limited by the price tag, reality says that unless you are Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or any of those other ridiculously wealthy people, you are most likely going to be impacted by the number on the tag.  So before you begin to gush about that gorgeous hardwood, be sure it is something you can afford to take home.

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