How To Protect Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a popular flooring choice for several reasons. It is a durable, easy maintenance type of flooring. It is available in thousands of patterns, so you will never have trouble finding a pattern to complement your home’s interior. Vinyl flooring is available in sheets or tiles, and it offers an easy installation that many DIY homeowners can handle. However, like any other type of flooring, it does require some maintenance and protecting. The following tips will help you protect and maintain your vinyl flooring to ensure its longevity.

Clean up any spills as soon as possible. The sooner you wipe up spills, the less time they will have to potentially cause damage. This is especially important if you have vinyl tiles. Liquids can seep into the seams and possibly cause the tile to unstick from the floor.
How To Protect Vinyl Flooring How To Protect Vinyl Flooring
Do not use any abrasive products on your vinyl flooring. They can damage the surface of the vinyl and make it dull. The same is true for products promising to make your floor shine – the truth is that they will make your vinyl look dull.

Do not use any scrubbing tools on your vinyl because they, too, can make it look dull and lusterless.

Do not vacuum your flooring with a vacuum that has a beater bar – this can physically damage the flooring and reduce its luster.

If you have to move heavy furniture across your vinyl flooring, use blankets or plywood on the floor. You can then “walk” the furniture on the blanket or plywood across the vinyl without tearing or scratching it.

Use furniture sliders under the feet of your couches and chairs. These will prevent the feet of the furniture from digging into your vinyl over time and leaving unsightly indentations.

Place welcome mats near doorways to reduce the amount of dirt and grime that is tracked across your flooring. The less dirt and grime on your flooring, the less cleanup you will have to do, and the better your vinyl will look.

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