How to Remove Red Wine from Rugs and Carpets

How to Remove Red Wine from Rugs and Carpets How to Remove Red Wine from Rugs and Carpets

There is no fear quite like the one that you feel when you see red wine spilling onto your rug or carpet. Your first thought is to cringe, knowing that the stain is never going to come out. Luckily, with a few easy steps, you should be able to remove the stain without any traces of it ever existing.

Homemade Solution

It might surprise you that all it takes is a solution made up of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish soap. Combine equal amounts of both products into a spray bottle and shake thoroughly. Spray the solution directly onto your wine stain, thoroughly soaking the area. Once the area is soaked, use a clean, white cloth to blot up the stain. You will likely go through many cloths as you blot the stain up, as it will come onto the towel in large amounts. Continue this step until you have blotted the entire stain up.


When you have blotted up the entire stain, mix a solution of cold water with a few drops of neutral dish soap and spray it on the same area. Blot the area as you did before to remove the stain. Your last step is to rinse the area with plain, clean water. Lay a stack of clean, white towels on the area and lay a pile of books or heavy weights on top. Leave this overnight, allowing the water to completely soak into the towels.

Final Steps

In the morning, remove the books or weights and make sure that the entire stain and water spot has been blotted up. If the area is not completely dry, let it dry for as long as needed. Once the area is thoroughly dry, vacuum the entire area to return the carpet to its normal state – no one will ever know that you spilled wine.

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