How To Remove Scratches From Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has several good points.  It’s fairly inexpensive, it’s durable, and it’s rather attractive flooring.  However, there is one major drawback to laminate flooring: once it has been installed, there is no way to refinish the flooring.  So, if your floor gets damaged in any way, you are very limited in your options.  If your laminate floor has gotten scratched, here are your options.How To Remove Scratches From Laminate Flooring 300x199 How To Remove Scratches From Laminate Flooring

Colored pens or pencils – For minor scratches, the best solution is to use a colored pen or pencil.  Your local flooring company will probably carry repair kits with laminate flooring pens or pencils.  Be sure to take a sample of your flooring to find the best color match.  Once you have purchased the proper pen or pencil, simply color in the scratches for an almost new look.

Polymer filler – If your flooring scratch is more than surface level, you might want to consider using a polymer filler instead.  These can be purchased anywhere you find the pens and pencils.  The polymer works better than the pens on deeper scratches because it provides a filler for the scratch.  The pens can only try to help a scratch blend in.  When using the polymer filler, follow the packaging instructions for best results.

New boards – Unfortunately, some damage cannot be dealt with by either the pen repair kits or the polymer repair kits.  If the damage is too severe, your only option (aside from just living with it) is to get that section of the floor replaced.  If you are currently purchasing laminate flooring, it would be wise to purchase an extra box of boards.  That way, if a section of your flooring does get damaged beyond the scope of the repair kits, you have a way to replace the flooring with a matching set of boards.

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