How To Select The Perfect Tile For Your Backsplash

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? You’ll have dozens of choices to make in the coming months.

And while most people think “tile” and “flooring”, in today’s design, the word tile can also mean backsplash. Tiling is ultra modern and provides a sophisticated look to an otherwise nondescript area.

how to select the perfect tile for your backsplash 300x199 How To Select The Perfect Tile For Your BacksplashThe backsplash in your kitchen serves a useful purpose: it protects the walls from water, grease, food, and other grime. However, since the backsplash is such a large part of your kitchen walls, it also makes a style statement. You want your backsplash to complement your current interior kitchen design – and you also want it to reflect your own personal style.

Keep the following in mind when selecting the tile for your back splash.

  • Avoid fitting in with the latest trends. Just because something is trendy and stylish today does not mean it will still be appealing tomorrow. Choose tile that is neutral enough to blend into your current design theme, yet unique enough to make an understated statement.
  • Choose a tile material that is easy to clean and durable, such as glass or ceramic. You want a backsplash that is going to last for a long time, not one that is going to require repair or replacement in only a few months.
  • Choose a color of tile that enhances the beauty of your kitchen. You want your colors combinations to complement each other, not clash with each other. Take some samples home and see how they look in your kitchen, then choose accordingly.
  • If your kitchen is large, choose large tiles. If your kitchen is small, go for smaller tiles. The size of the tiles, if used incorrectly, can make small kitchens seem even smaller, or they can get lost in large kitchens.
  • Make sure that you choose tile that is glazed and non-porous to ensure durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Finally, make sure that your grout matches your tile. You want your grout and tile to match to give your kitchen a polished, complete look. If the grout clashes with the tile, your back splash will likely be an overly busy, hot mess.

Selecting kitchen tile in the Denver metro area is easy with Pro-Flooring.

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