How Your Carpeting Was Made

Carpeting can be found in homes all around the world. This soft, cushiony flooring helps keep you and your family comfortable. Carpet is available in hundreds of colors and styles – something for every preference.

If you have carpeting in your home, chances are that you have never given a second thought to how it was made. The only thing you likely know about your carpeting is that it looks good and feels good beneath your feet. The carpet-making process is actually quite interesting.How Your Carpeting Was Made How Your Carpeting Was Made

Carpets can be made in two ways – weaving and tufting.

Weaving can be accomplished by a machine or by hand. Fibers are placed on a frame and yarn is woven under, over and around the fibers. After this process is complete, new fibers are placed across the yarn, locking the other fibers into place. Woven carpets are more luxurious than tufted carpets. If you choose woven carpeting for your home, you can expect to pay a higher price.

Tufting is performed by machines. The machines use synthetic yarns to make various styles, patterns and densities of carpeting. The fibers are woven into a backing by a tufting machine. This weaving creates loops. The loops are either left intact or cut – giving you loop pile and cut pile carpeting. After the weaving process is complete, the carpet is dyed.

Finally, a latex coating is applied to the primary and the secondary backing of the tufted carpet. Stain protection to the carpet is also applied. All of the loose ends are sheared off and the carpet is inspected for quality and design.

The type of carpet you choose for your home – tufted or woven – depends on your personal needs and budget. Consider the level of foot traffic your home encounters, as well as your personal finances, and choose the carpeting that will provide you with years of comfort and beauty.

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