Interior Design Trends for Using Tile In 2014

Tile designs for walls and floors come in many different designs that can add gorgeous decoration as well as value to your home.

Tiles for flooring and walls have been popular for many years, and their timeless qualities enable them to shine for years to come. Not only are they universally appealing, tiles can create a one-of-a-kind interior design for many rooms of your home, including the bath and kitchen.

interior design trends for using tile in 2014 Interior Design Trends for Using Tile In 2014Modern tile designs have the capabilities to add lovely color, interesting patterns, and unique textures to the interior of your home. There are many types of and sizes of tile designs, and prices vary as well. To help you in your tile design selection, here are some interior design trends for using tile in 2014:

Retro tile designs- The 70s are coming back in the form of retro designs with tile. Bronze, gold, and marble tiles with natural stone and metal textures add to modern design and create a nostalgic feel.

Metal tile designs- Shiny metal tiles add a touch of glamour to the design of your home. They also reflect any kind of light, which adds a lovely shimmer to rooms.

Porcelain tile designs- One of the most popular interior design trends for 2014 is the use of porcelain tiles. Innovative processes result in porcelain that looks and feels like real wood or stone.

Patterned tiles- Another hot trend for interior design with tiles is patterned tiles, which can create geometric patterns. One particular patterned tile trend is reminiscent of Moroccan designs, as tiles are placed together in a patchwork configuration.

You have the power to make a statement with your tile selection, and you can also turn an ordinary room into a remarkably stylish home. And it’s all possible with the addition of a fabulous tile floor that incorporates the best interior design tile trends for this New Year.

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