Is A Rug Pad Necessary?

When you own an expensive area rug, such as an Oriental rug, or even just an average rug, you may want to consider buying a rug pad. A rug pad provides additional protection for your floor, as well as protection for your rug to extend its life. It plays a critical role in your rug’s performance and appearance. Rug pads come in a variety of styles and prices, making it easy to find the right rug pad for your particular rug. Is A Rug Pad Necessary Is A Rug Pad Necessary?

You may think that a rug pad is not necessary to protect your flooring. After all, that may be why you purchased the rug in the first place, to provide some protection to your flooring. However, some rugs only provide a thin barrier of protection for your floor. They can easily slip out of the way, allowing your flooring to be scratched or otherwise damaged from shoes, furniture and other items. With a rug pad, you can rest assured that your flooring is protected at all times, even if the rug slips.

Slippage is another important reason to purchase a rug pad. Rug pads help ensure that rugs stay in place. Protection from rug slippage will not only help save your flooring, it can also help save someone from injury. Tripping and falling over a rug is a common cause of falls within the home. With a rug pad, you know that your rugs are secured into their designated area on the floor.

Finally, rug pads help extend the life of your rug for the same reason that they provide protection to your flooring. They create a barrier between the rug and the floor. They also provide additional padding and support under your rug. You will not have to worry about your rug sliding on the floor and being worn because the rug pad will help absorb damage and impact that could affect your rug. Overall, a rug pad is a necessary purchase for any rug owner, regardless of the size or price of the rug.

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