Kitchen Floors: Dark or Light?

When planning out the flooring in your home, prepare yourself for some difficult decisions. Choosing flooring might sound easy, but with so many available choices, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

Choosing the right flooring is especially important in your kitchen because this is the heart of the home. You want your kitchen to be perfect, you want it to be a warm and welcoming room inside your home.

The Finishes Available For Your Hardwood Floor Kitchen Floors: Dark or Light?Before you start stressing over patterns and colors for your kitchen floor, you need to make one basic decision – light or dark. Once you make that decision, the rest will fall into place.

When deciding between dark and light flooring, you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Dark flooring is always a beautiful choice. It provides an elegant look to any home. For instance, dark wood flooring can make a kitchen look and feel sophisticated without being overwhelming.

However, it is also important to remember the disadvantages of dark flooring. It may be beautiful, but dark flooring requires upkeep. Dust will quickly show up on a dark floor, along with light-colored hair, like those from a shedding pet. Are you prepared to stay on top of the dust and grime that can diminish the beauty of a dark floor?

When it comes to white flooring, there are several advantages. White flooring helps make a room lighter and brighter. It also adds to the overall feeling of sterility and cleanliness that you want in your kitchen. White flooring looks pure, bright and elegant. However, just like dark flooring, it requires careful maintenance. While dust and light-colored fur may blend in with white flooring, dirt and mud tracked in on the bottoms of shoes is quickly going to create an eyesore.

When choosing between dark and light flooring, make sure you are prepared for the maintenance. Then, decide the kind of ambiance you want to create – crisp, clean and pure or warm, rich and comforting.

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