Matching Your Flooring To Your Lifestyle

Matching Your Flooring To Your Lifestyle Matching Your Flooring To Your Lifestyle

You love the hardwood floors your neighbor had installed. They were talking about bamboo on the show you watched the other day. And you just read about cork flooring in the home magazine you picked up.

What are you to do? How do you pick which is right for you?

With every type of flooring constantly expanding the available styles, colors, textures, etc.; the current flooring customer is faced with an even greater dilemma than ever before…how to choose the right flooring for you.

Rather than choosing flooring based solely upon aesthetics, perhaps you should consider choosing your flooring to match your lifestyle needs.  Here are a few suggestions to help you match your flooring choice to your lifestyle.

Pet Owners – If you own a pet, this will drastically impact your flooring choice.  Pet dander, hair, and other unspeakable messes tend to get caught in carpet, leaving stains, smells, and over time, a dingy appearance.  Hardwood floors can easily be scratched by animal claws, and may warp if animal accidents seep into the cracks.  Ceramic tile or resilient flooring are the best choices for homeowners with pets.

Parents – Just as pets can be hard on flooring, so to can children.  For heavy traffic areas or mealtime locations, once again ceramic tile or resilient flooring are excellent choices.  If you have a new baby, carpet is a much nicer option for the bumps and bruises associated with learning to crawl or walk.

Entertainers – If your home is the center of many parties, your flooring choice will endure a lot of foot traffic.  While hardwood looks beautiful, it can be dented, scratched, or otherwise damaged by the normal occurrences of entertaining.  Again, ceramic tile presents an elegant offer that is durable and easy to clean.

Elderly – It is extremely important for elderly citizens to have proper flooring.  Tiling or hardwood can often be slick and present a falling hazard.  The best option for these individuals is a low pile carpet.  This provides a soft flooring that is still easily compatible with a walker or wheelchair.

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