Preparing your Floors for Holiday Guests

The holidays bring with it plenty of hard work and stress. Keeping your house looking beautiful among all of the entertaining and visitors can seem overwhelming at times, especially if you have hardwood floors. Rather than leaving your floors at risk for serious damage, you should cover them with synthetic rugs to provide protection and avoid the risk of further damage.

Preparing your Floors for Holiday Guests Preparing your Floors for Holiday Guests

Inexpensive Solution

Synthetic area rugs are inexpensive, yet invaluable to your wood floors. Rather than having your increased traffic trudge along on your beautiful floors, putting them at risk for dings, scratches and other damage, the rug will take the beating from the traffic, leaving your floor untouched.

Placement of Rugs

Strategically placing the rugs throughout your home will ensure that they provide the level of help that you need. One of the most popular areas to place them is in front of the door. When guests enter your home with their dirty shoes, a majority of the dirt will be trapped in the rug rather than on your floor. This will eliminate some of the headaches of constantly washing your floors to retain their beauty. You should also place them in areas that receive the largest amount of traffic to reduce the wear and tear on your floor.

Avoiding Further Damage

While synthetic rugs protect your floor, other rugs, such as rubber-backed rugs, actually damage your floor with the moisture that they trap. The moisture then discolors your floor, leaving it more damaged than if you didn’t use a rug.

Along with avoiding rubber-backed rugs, you should avoid washing your floor with oil-based soaps, an excessively wet mop or wax. All of these substances can discolor your floor and be harmful to the structure, causing you expensive repairs as a result.

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