Tips For Having A Live Christmas Tree On Hardwood Floors

Its Christmas time … time for baking cookies and singing holiday songs as you gather around the Christmas tree.

If you’re like many of us, nothing will do except having a real Christmas tree in your home. Nothing compares to the smell and ambiance of a real tree. Of course having a real tree is not without its problems though, especially if you’ve recently installed hardwood flooring. Christmas trees on hardwood can lead to scratches in the finish, sap stains, and those impossible water marks that are difficult to get rid of without having the entire floor sanded and for having a live christmas tree on hardwood floors Tips For Having A Live Christmas Tree On Hardwood Floors

Its enough to make you think twice about joining in the festivities.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.

Two of the biggest enemies with using real trees on hardwood flooring are needles and water. Yet there is a simple way at reducing the risk associated with both.

Before you head out and choose the perfect tree, set up the area in your home first. The stand and the needles can both be the cause of scratches, so the more protection you have from the beginning, the less likely the problem will occur. Choose your area; then take an old sheet or blanket, fold it into quarters, and set it in your tree’s final resting spot.

When you arrive home after selecting your tree, gently shake it before you bring it into the house. This will loosen and remove very loose needles, making it less likely they will fall out as you bring it into your home.

Depending on the type of stand you are installing on to your tree, consider attaching it outside first. This will help additional needles fall to the ground outside rather than inside.

Moving a tree onto its side and setting it back up again as you carry it can cause a lot of needle disruption. Instead, find another soft blanket or an old run or bathmat, and place the tree onto it as soon as you enter your home. Slide your tree from the doorway to its final resting spot, taking care that needles don’t fall in front of the rug as you are pulling on it.

Once your tree is in its proper location, push the blanket up towards the trunk and cover with a plastic table cloth cut to size. This will add a layer of water resistance. Fill the base with water, and monitor on a daily basis. You can cover both layers with a festive tree skirt if you prefer.

After the holidays, when its time to take the tree back down, you have a built it removal system in place. Drain all the water, remove all the decorations, and slowly slide the tree back to the front door.

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