Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Imagine hosting a party for your neighbors and friends and being able to say:

“My wood floors were once a part of an old homestead outside of town.”


“I’ve carried the wine theme in my cellar down to my floors; they were once a part of the inside of wine barrels.”reclaimed wood flooring 237x300 Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Not only can reclaimed wood flooring give new life to something that no longer has purpose; it can also give you a conversation piece right in your own home.

Reclaimed wood flooring is growing in popularity as a flooring option for many reasons. It can come for a variety of sources, including:

  • Fences
  • Old demolished buildings
  • Railroad cars
  • Wine barrels
  • Retired mills

If you travel back in time, trees hundreds of years old were hand crafted into beautiful boards, and were then used to create a lot of different structures used throughout our society. Our modern day forestry practices have set schedules for tree manufacturing, and therefore trees are harvested in a much quicker timeframe. As a result, the beauty and uniqueness you can find in reclaimed wood is like no other product on the market.

Using reclaimed wood has many advantages:

  • It keeps old wood out of the landfill
  • It prevents cutting down trees
  • It adds stability and durability to your flooring
  • It adds character to your home
  • It can provide a back story
  • It offers the option of using wider planks
  • It can be installed with radiant heating

And while the advantages are in abundance, keep in mind that there are a few disadvantages as well:

  • It can be expensive
  • It can come with false claims about the age and origin, so always go through a trusted dealer
  • It can come with metal pieces or nails, giving it a rough or marred appearance
  • It can have off-gassing from past chemical treatments

If reclaimed wood flooring sounds like the perfect option for your remodel, stop by today. Let’s talk about your alternatives, and help you narrow down the perfect choice for you.

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5 Things You Might Not Know About Your Hardwood Floors

Whether you are looking at flooring for a brand new home, or are finally remodeling and putting in the floors of your dreams, chances are hardwoods have made the top of your list. And with good reason. Nothing says style, class and elegance like hardwood flooring.

If you are new to hardwoods, there may be a few things that you didn’t know about this popular flooring choice. While they do make a great choice for just about every room in the home, there are a few tips that will keep them looking great longer, and keep you happy with your flooring choice for years.5 things you might not know about your hardwood floors 5 Things You Might Not Know About Your Hardwood Floors

Janka hardness test

Did you know every hardwood available as a flooring has a unique ranking? The Janka hardness test measures the resistance of a sample of wood to denting and wear. It measures the force required to embed an 11.28mm steel ball into wood into half the ball’s diameter. The higher the ranking, the more suitable it is as a flooring choice. When looking at wood choices, make sure you ask about the Janka hardness test and where your options fall in ranking.

High heel shoes can damage your hardwood flooring

The concept of having hardwood flooring is a little deceiving because hardwoods can be damaged. High heels, spikes, sports shoes – all can be damaging to your wood flooring. Because pressure points strike the floor with more force per inch than an elephant’s foot, you’ll quickly see the damage if you walk around.

Different flooring companies work different ways

Some flooring companies look to make quick sales and install your flooring as fast as possible to move onto the next customer. We never take that approach. All of our hardwood flooring is installed to ensure you long lasting results. No matter what type of hardwoods you choose, we finish installation with glue and nails to insure you’ll never find movement or gaping in the months and years to come.

Colorado is dry – take care of your hardwoods

You probably feel it by this time of the year. Colorado is a very dry climate. Sure we get the occasional snow or rain storm, but after the heater runs nonstop through the coldest of days, you’re bound to feel the tightness and dryness in your own skin. The same applies to your floors – they feel the dryness too. Hardwoods are meant to live with moisture; so take care of your flooring and install a humidifier. Both your floors and your skin will thank you.

Take your time decorating

The hardwoods are in. The new sofa is purchased. One last piece is a new rug to add a splash of color to the room. Area rugs are a great additive for protection. But don’t add it to your room too fast. Give your hardwood flooring at least two to three weeks to cure before covering it up with a rug. It will allow the glue to thoroughly dry and the floors to settle before adjusting to the new covering.

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Why Choose Wood Flooring?

For some homeowners, nothing says “flooring” like natural hardwoods. It adds superior quality to a home design, and offers elegance, prestige, style and durability unmatched by many flooring options on the market today.

Affordablewhy choose wood flooring  Why Choose Wood Flooring?

Wood floors come in all kinds of styles, materials, colors and designs. No matter what your budget, there is a hardwood flooring choice for you. Add in the fact that hardwoods can last many years longer than a lot of flooring options, and you’ll quickly find the investment is worth every penny you spend. Looking for resale value too? Again, hardwoods are your choice for instant bump in the look and feel of your home.


With today’s technology, resources and options, your choices are virtually unlimited. Hardwoods vary from soft to hard. You can find oak, maple, even bamboo options that offer unparallelled quality. If exotic is what you are looking for, there are many options to help create the look you’re going for. Even colors can be found from the lightest to the darkest options. The choice is really only limited by your imagination.


Hardwoods are one of the easiest options on the market today. Routine maintenance includes a simple sweep and vacuuming on a regular basis. Make sure you use area rugs and floor protectors on your furniture for added protection in high traffic areas or areas with daily use. Also use a proper hardwood floor cleaner on a regular basis.


Many surveys have shown that our indoor air quality is often more damaging to our health than outdoor air quality. Hardwood surfaces do not harbor dust mites or mold. Hardwoods also avoid artificial substances such as pesticides found on some flooring choices. Which means if you are looking for quality flooring for your family – especially if they have health issues – hardwood flooring is the ideal choice for you.


What we use in today’s world matters. That’s why hardwood floors are one of the greenest, most ecologically sound investments you can make. Gone are the days of cutting down timber without an afterthought of the repercussions. Instead, timber cut from today’s forests are carefully managed to ensure adequate resources in the future. In face, the US Forest Service shows twice as much hardwood timber is added every year to harvested forests. Meaning this is a choice that is perfect for everyone.

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The Best Hardwood Floors For Dogs

Want hardwood floors throughout your home? Have a dog?

the best hardwood floors for dogs 300x300 The Best Hardwood Floors For DogsYes, in many cases, people will tell you the two simply don’t mix.

Yet if you are protesting, and still want your hardwoods throughout, is there another option? In many cases, the answer is yes –there are choices that will satisfy the hardwood desire with the dog lover inside.

The main issue with hardwoods and dogs are the claws. Whether Fido is running to the back door to check out the squirrels, or casually walking from room to room to be a part of the family, each step is a potential for scratches. You can lay out runners and rugs, but in the end Fido will step beyond these protectors. And when he does, your hardwood floors are at risk.

Scratches are the biggest problem, but in no way are the only. Have a puppy or an older dog with bladder issues? Urine can also spell big trouble for your hardwood floors. Then add in muddy paws, snow and wet paws, dirt, rocks and other debris, and the potential damage keeps rising.

When it comes time to shopping, don’t head down the aisles looking at the options – you’ll only get your heart set on something that may be the wrong choice. Instead, start by talking with a flooring consultant and tell her your family situation and your worries. Then follow her to the best choices for you. Some ideas to keep in mind as you head out to do your research include:

  • Focus in on hardwoods, not soft. Yes, even in the hardwood floor arena, different woods are available, each with their own level of softness. The harder the wood, the more scratches and claws won’t impact. It.
  • Look for solid hardwood, not engineered wood. Engineered wood flooring is a sandwich of laminated wood with a real hardwood veneer on top. Because engineered wood can only be sanded and repaired a few times, you can quickly run out of opportunities for repair – meaning you’ll be replacing on a much more frequent basis.
  • Look at all your options. You’ve had your heart set on hardwood floors, but when was the last time you looked at your options? With today’s technology, you may surprised at what is available to you. Check out vinyl flooring, which can provide the look of wood in sheet, tile or plank form. Or look at tiles – there are some beautiful tiles on the market today that may provide you with a look you never considered before.

Still want hardwoods? Three choices you may choose to look at are:

Brazilian Walnut – its universally hard and dense, and is tough enough that it used occasionally on exterior decks.

Hard Maple – maple is used on basketball courts, so it should stand up to quite a bit of traffic within your home.

Bamboo – bamboo is an up and coming green alternative to wood flooring, and depending on the manufacturing process, can have a hard resin that will make it one of the hardest on the market.

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How To Create A Unique Look With Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can help make your home look and feel magnificent. There are many different styles of hardwood floors, giving you the ability to create the perfect look. Yet since hardwood floors are so popular, you may be worried that your floors will look just like your neighbor’s floors. You can stop this worry by adding something special to your hardwood floors. How To Create A Unique Look With Your Hardwood Floors How To Create A Unique Look With Your Hardwood Floors

There are several ways you can create a unique look with your hardwood floors – making them “pop” with a style that is all you.

Add a medallion to your flooring to give it an original look. Medallions are created to add depth and design to any room. They can be many different patterns, custom or preassembled. And as a good rule of thumb, they should be no more than one third the width of the room. There are many styles of medallions available and they can be added to most any type of hardwood flooring. Medallions look great in an entryway or foyer – a place where anyone who enters your home can see them. You can even go the extra mile and have a custom medallion designed, such as one of your family crest.
[Read more…]

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Choosing The Appearance Of Your Hardwood Floors

Once you’ve chosen to install hardwood floors in your home, your decisions have just begun.  Now you will need to choose the type and appearance of your hardwood floors.  Do you want a flowing parallel look or are you more the patterned type?  Do you want the real deal or simply the look of true wood?  Whatever you’re looking for, here is a quick guide to help you navigate the world of hardwood floors.Choosing The Appearance Of Your Hardwood Floors Choosing The Appearance Of Your Hardwood Floors

Solid wood flooring:  Just like it sounds, this is wood, wood, and wood.  Solid wood flooring is available in both pre-finished (sanded and finished before installation) and unfinished state (sanded and finished after installation).  The three main categories for solid wood flooring include:

Strip flooring has a limited number of widths available. If you are looking for a narrower beam of solid hardwood, than strip flooring is for you.

Plank flooring, unlike strip flooring, is available in a wide variety of widths.  If you are seeking the parallel look of a hardwood floor, but want a wider beam, you should consider plank flooring.

Parquet flooring is typically used when a customer wants geometrical patterns in their flooring, rather than straight lines.

Engineered Wood Flooring has the look of wood with the durability of laminate flooring.  If you want the appearance of authentic wood without all the fuss, you might want to try engineered wood floors. [Read more…]

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How To Take Care Of Your Hardwood Floors

How To Take Care Of Your Hardwood Floors How To Take Care Of Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. They bring a certain level of style to the look and feel of each room.

When you make the decision to add hardwood floors to your home, you are making a sound investment – after all, these floors can increase the value of your home. As with any great investment, its important you take care of it along the way. Here are a few tips to help you keep your floors looking like new, so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Never drag furniture or other items across your floors. Instead, place something between the floor and the item. For example, you can put felt contacts under your furniture legs to prevent scratches and gouges.

Pay attention to the cleaning products you use. Make sure they are specifically designed for hardwood floors. Regular cleaning products can damage your gorgeous floors. Also speak with the company that installed your flooring; they will have great advice for products to use to maintain its quality. [Read more…]

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