The Difference Between Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles

Love watching the home shows? Want to incorporate some of those fresh new looks into your own home? Why not start with tiles?The Difference Between Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles 199x300 The Difference Between Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles

Tiling can be used virtually anywhere in your home. They can create a clean, warm look. And be functional as well.

When you are planning to install a new floor or new wall tiles, you will be faced with a wide selection of tiles. While you may be tempted to interchange the various tiles between floor and wall, it is important to remember that each tile is designed for a specific purpose. In other words, wall tiles are not made to be used on the floor and vice versa.

Even if you find a pattern in a wall tile that you absolutely adore, avoid trying to use it on the floor. Instead, search for a similar pattern in a floor tile. Understanding the differences between floor and wall tiles will help you choose the best tile for each location.

They have different durability ratings. Wall tiles usually have a rating from 0-2. Floor tiles usually have a rating from 3-5. Floor tiles are stronger and more durable; therefore, they are more suitable for foot traffic.

They have different finishes. Floor tiles usually have some sort of texture to help prevent slips and falls. Since wall tiles are made for the wall, they usually have a slicker, shinier finish, making them inappropriate for use on the floor.

Floor tiles are thicker than wall tiles because they are designed to be used on the floor. People will walk on these tiles, so they have to be thick and strong. Wall tiles are usually much thinner and break more easily.

Both types of tiles are available in a wide range of sizes. If you choose a larger size for your walls, make sure you use the appropriate mortar to attach them to the walls.

If you are ever in doubt when choosing tiles, speak to a professional. He or she will be able to tell you if a particular tile is suitable for the floor or the wall. Make sure you choose tiles that are made for each designated area, not only to ensure safety, but also to ensure durability.

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