The Different Ways to Install Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring adds aesthetic appeal and value to your home. The Different Ways to Install Hardwood Flooring The Different Ways to Install Hardwood FlooringMany homeowners are turning to hardwood for its beauty, as well as its durability. It is easy to take care of and easy to install. There are several different methods of installation that can be used. The method you choose should be based on your personal preference.

The two methods that use specific tools to secure your floor are nailing or stapling the wood floor down. In order to nail down your flooring, you will need a manual flooring nailer or a pneumatic nailing gun. The most common type of nail to use is the 2-inch nailing cleat. In order to staple your flooring, you will need a pneumatic nailing gun that can install staples that are 1 ½ – 2 inches long.

If you prefer to use a method that does not use a nailing gun, you can glue down engineered wood flooring. It is important to use the precise adhesive that is recommended by the manufacturer of your flooring. Choosing a less expensive alternative could void your warranty on your floor. The glue is simply applied to the subflooring with a trowel and the engineered wood floor or parquet is then placed on top of it.

For an alternative to securing your engineered wood floor, you can use the floating method. This simple installation includes using a small amount of glue at the groove of each piece of wood to secure them together. You will need to install a thin under layer between the engineered wood floor and your subfloor to create a comfortable surface.

Another method of floating is the Click Loc method that utilizes the tongue and groove surface of the planks to attach them together. There is no glue, nails or staples involved in this method.

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