The Pros and Cons Of Bamboo Floors

Buying new flooring for your home is a great way to make your home look good and add resale value to it too. Choosing the right flooring can be a tough choice to make. With so many types of flooring available, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each.

the pros and cons of bamboo floors The Pros and Cons Of Bamboo FloorsBamboo flooring is a popular type of flooring for many reasons. However, it has its drawbacks, just like any other type of flooring. Here is a closer look at the pros and cons of bamboo floors.


  • Easy to maintain – bamboo flooring requires less maintenance than other flooring. Sweeping and vacuuming will remove surface dirt, and you can also damp-mop when necessary.
  • Durable – bamboo flooring is durable and made to last for many years. It is more resistant to moisture than most hardwoods, but you should still avoid moisture as much as possible. It is also fairly easy to refinish your bamboo flooring to give it a new look after years of use.
  • Friendly to the environment – bamboo flooring is the “green” flooring choice. Bamboo is a renewable resource that does not take long to reach maturity.
  • Comparable pricing – the price of bamboo is comparable to hardwood, so you do not have to worry about spending money you cannot already afford to spend.
  • Stylish – bamboo flooring is available in a wide range of styles and designs to fit the design of any home.


  • Too much moisture can be damaging – while bamboo is resistant to moisture, it is not water-proof. If you live in a humid environment, the humidity can cause the planks to swell and warp.
  • VOCs – volatile organic compounds are used in varying degrees in the different types of bamboo flooring. VOCs can be released into the air over time, and they can be a health hazard.
  • Easy to scratch – you must take care to avoid scratching the surface of your bamboo flooring. Although it is durable, and some types of bamboo are quite hard, there is still a risk of scratch damage.
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