Tips For Choosing Commercial Carpets

What has the biggest impact on a business? First impressions.

Nothing says “I want to do business with you” more than walking into an environment that is clean, fresh, and in top condition. The more you find fraying or dirty carpets and a dingy environment, the more your prospects will turn and walk to your for choosing commercial carpets Tips For Choosing Commercial Carpets

If its time for you to change out the carpet and give your space a new look, it may not be as easy as heading down to your local big box store. Sure, they may have carpet samples. But do they know the difference between commercial carpeting and residential? Do they have the proper commercial carpets available – one that will give your space the potential for a fresh new look AND longevity to make the entire process affordable?

Commercial carpeting is not created equal. The more you understand what makes commercial carpeting different, the better equipped you’ll be to ensure that you choose the best one for your business.

  • Create a specific budget. Knowing exactly how much you have to spend will ensure that you shop only the carpeting that you can afford.
  • Consider the amount of foot traffic you expect. For high-traffic areas, you need a more durable carpet. For low-traffic areas, your options are more flexible.
  • Olefin and polypropylene are the most budget-friendly carpet fibers you will find. However, although these types of carpeting are easy on your wallet, their durability may leave you needing new carpets more often.
  • Nylon fibers are the best choice when it comes to durability. This type of carpeting will last much longer than olefin and polypropylene fibers. You may have to pay more initially for nylon carpeting, but it will stand up to the test of time, making it a sound investment.
  • Loop carpet pile is one of the most popular choices for commercial carpeting. This type of carpeting pile is designed for durability; however, do not expect the same amount of comfort under foot as you would expect with cut pile.
  • Cut pile is a more luxurious option for commercial carpeting. It is softer and offers more style for your commercial location. It may not be the best choice for the highest-traffic areas, but it is perfect for borders.
  • Carpet tiles, whether loop or cut pile, make good choices for commercial locations because individual tiles can be replaced if they become damaged or worn. Instead of having to replace all of the carpeting, you can simply replace one or two tiles.
  • When choosing commercial carpeting, make sure you understand the maintenance required. No matter what type of carpet you choose, it must be properly maintained to help ensure its longevity.
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