Tips For Protecting Your Hardwood Floors From Your Furniture

You’ve waited a long time to put hardwood floors throughout your home. And now that they are installed, you want to protect them as effectively as possible to ensure that they maintain their beautiful look and feel for as long as possible.

Its easy to have people take off their shoes at the front door. But what about your furniture?tips for protecting your hardwood floors from your furniture Tips For Protecting Your Hardwood Floors From Your Furniture

Most people are unaware that any damage is occurring to their floors … until its too late and the damage has already been done. So the easiest way to avoid damage in the first place is to be aware of what can cause the damage, and fix the problem even before it begins.

There are number of protectors on the market today. Some are good and offer a lot of protection; some are not so good – you get what you pay for.

Tap On Pads

The first type of hardwood floor protection is the tap on pad. As the name states, these pads are held on by a small tack or a small hollowed out nail. These protectors are usually good for large, heavy furniture that is stationary and won’t move around much – a sofa or a dining room table.

Beware of using these on items that will be moved frequently, such as dining room chairs. The more these protectors are used and moved, the greater likelihood of breaking off. And when this happens, a small piece of metal may remain in the leg of your furniture. If it isn’t caught right away, the metal can cause serious damage to your floors.

Slip On Pads

As the name implies, slip on pads are generally made from rubber or soft plastic and fit over the leg of the furniture. If it’s a proper fit, there should be no problem with them coming off during use.

In some cases, the various types of footings on these pads can cause damage to your hardwoods. Rubber may leave scuff marks; plastic can wear down the finish over time; and felt eventually wears down, eventually allowing the furniture to come in contact with your flooring and cause damage to the finish.

Peel and Stick Pads

Peel and stick pads are the simplest to use and the least expensive to buy. They can be found at all hardwood and home improvement stores, and come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors.

Keep in mind that not all legs are level and flush with the floor. If the stick pad doesn’t completely secure to the leg, it risks being easily bumped or knocked off. You may need to sand the leg down flat in order to ensure a perfect fit. Once adhered, check it periodically and clean it to ensure it doesn’t scratch or gouge the wood over time.

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