Travertine Flooring: A Basic Guide

The installation of travertine flooring is a decision that requires serious consideration. It is not as forgiving as the standard flooring types, including vinyl, laminate or even hardwood. If you have a home that has children or pets, travertine should not be your first choice as it is not very durable or easy to clean. If you are considering having this flooring installed in your home, you should understand all of the basics to make the right decision.

The Features

First and foremost, you must know that travertine is serious stuff. When travertine is installed, it stays on … which means you should consider it to be permanent flooring. Many consider it to be adult flooring; it is very difficult to clean, making it best for homes that only house adults. While travertine is a beautiful and timely choice, there are other important factors to consider as well.

Durability – There are a variety of stone floors available, each of which are extremely Travertine Flooring A Basic Guide Travertine Flooring: A Basic Guidedurable – travertine falls into that category with a few exceptions. Travertine stone is closest to is limestone, one of the weaker stones on the market. It can withstand normal wear and tear but it will suffer chips or cracks if you drop something hard on it.

Cost – Travertine is a costly material. Typically, you can find this material in luxurious homes that do not have children or pets, as the material contains a very high price tag and requires hefty maintenance. Expect to pay as much or more than granite.

Damages Easily – Just like granite, travertine is a porous material. This means that if you do not properly maintain it with sealing and polishing, bacteria and debris can get underneath it, causing it permanent damage.

Maintenance – It is a tough decision determining whether to polish this surface. Unpolished, this material could be permanently damaged or suffer from bacteria infestation. When you polish it, however, you have a very slick surface on your hands that could cause serious accidents.

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