What Flooring Is Best For Dogs?

What Flooring Is Best For Dogs What Flooring Is Best For Dogs?

Love your four legged friend? Chances are they are a member of your family.

When it comes time for redecorating, don’t just think about your family’s needs; consider what is best for your dog as well.

Owning a dog is not without its drawbacks. As wonderful as dogs are, they can cost you money in terms of damage to your home. And if you are considering new flooring, you may want to think about potential damage as well. Not only can a dog have an “accident”, they can also damage your flooring with their nails and teeth.

If you are a dog owner, its easy to get caught up in what you like and don’t like. Yet with a dog, you may need to take a different approach. Instead of falling in love with a product, start out by finding flooring with a strong and durable finish.

Hardwood flooring is a popular flooring choice in today’s Colorado homes. Some hardwoods are conducive to everyday lifestyles; some are not. If you do choose a wood floor, stick with solid hardwood with a quality urethane finish. Engineered wood floors can only be refinished once or twice, while a solid wood floor can be refinished again and again. Never keep water on your hardwoods; place dog bowls on a water-resistant mat and clean up all spills immediately.

Ceramic tile is another good choice for durability. Ceramic is stain resistant, moisture resistant and scratch resistant. Yet because it is a solid surface, it can be hard and slippery for some dogs. Older dogs with joint discomfort may have a hard time walking around, though rugs and runners can ease the discomfort. You should also be careful to avoid porous surfaces and grouts that can absorb pet stains. Porcelain tile and epoxy grout are great heavy duty options.

Carpet is easy to take care of and feels good beneath your feet, as well as your dog’s feet. However, carpets tend to hold onto pet hair and odors. It can become quite a chore to clean up any accidents and remove the odor. The pet hair can also be difficult to remove, so be ready to vacuum – a lot. Carpets are a fine choice for the dog owner that is ready to invest the time and effort needed to keep the flooring clean.

Finally, high quality vinyl can be a great option. It can be less expensive than woods and carpets, and is easy to clean and maintain. It aslo offers a fairly high level of scratch resistance. However, if you do choose vinyl, make sure you select a high quality grade. Inexpensive vinyl do not withstand heavy traffic and can be scratched, torn up and destroyed in no time.

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