What You Should Know About Carpet Seams

It’s a fact: carpet seams are inevitable.

While many people are somewhat afraid of carpet seams, there is nothing to worry about if you pick the right kind of carpet. Some carpets claim to have a seam that is less visible. However, in actuality it does not mean that seams are completely invisible. From clothing and wallpaper to vinyl floors, most fabrics show seams.

what you should know about carpet seams What You Should Know About Carpet SeamsWhat exactly are carpet seams?

Carpet seams happen when the room is wider than the width of the carpet that’s being installed. This means that there are parts of the floor that are not covered by the roll of carpet. In order to remedy this, another piece of carpet must be attached to the main piece of carpet in order to cover the entire width of your floor.

Why are carpet seams sometimes a pain?

If the carpet is not installed properly, carpet seams can look bad and cause dissatisfaction for a homeowner. Not only are you probably worried about how they look, carpets seams do have the possibility of coming apart. Unacceptable seams are those which are not flush with each other, or there is a gap between the carpets.

Are some types of carpeting better at hiding seams than others?

Depending on the type of carpet you choose, carpet seams can be dealt with sensibly and they can be hid sensibly. Thick carpeting like shag carpet is good for hiding seams. However, Berber and commercial grade carpets made of Olefin fibers do not do a good job of hiding seams.

How are carpet seams fixed?

Carpet seams used to be sewn together with a needle and thread. Today, the two pieces of carpet are attached using a piece of seaming tape and a hot seaming iron that melts the glue on the tape. This causes the two pieces of carpet to become one.

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