What’s The Best Flooring for Commercial Common Areas?

Commercial common areas need to have durable flooring that can withstand wear and tear and plenty of foot traffic. When it comes to the type of flooring, which is best: Carpet or bare floor? There are various advantages and disadvantages of choosing between commercial common area carpets and bare floor. Here are some comparisons for both:

whats the best flooring for commercial common areas What’s The Best Flooring for Commercial Common Areas?Style

In terms of style, carpets come in many colors, materials, and design. This adds flexibility and variety in choices in aspects of color schemes and textures. Floors made of tiles, wood, or parquet on the other hand gives a rather bare effect making the area look more spacious.


Quality of carpets depends on the manufacturer. There are high end carpets that are made of organic materials while the low-end varieties are usually made from synthetic materials. It is expected that durability of carpet depends on how it is used, but on the average, specifically wall to wall carpeting will need to be replaced within five years. Floors made from tiles, wood, or parquet on the other hand are expected to last for decades.


Common area carpets need more maintenance care than bare floors. Regular vacuuming and disinfection is required to avoid accumulation of dust, dust mites, and molds, especially when there is heavy foot traffic in the winter months. Bare floors do not require as much care as that of common area carpets with the exception of wooden floors, which require layers of polyurethane coating to protect wood from scratches and warping.


Wall to wall carpeting or common area carpets cost less than installing tiles, wood, or parquet on floor. When choosing wall to wall carpeting for your commercial common areas, request for an initial quote hat includes the total area to be covered, the cost of installation, and maintenance costs.

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