Why Grout Choice is Just as Important as Tile Choice

Why Grout Choice is Just as Important as Tile Choice Why Grout Choice is Just as Important as Tile Choice

What makes the your flooring, backsplash, or tiled tub or shower stand out?

If you have a beautiful and unique tile, it may be the tile. But in many cases, it’s the grout between the tiles that gives it its unique contour and look.

If you are shopping for new tile for your kitchen or bathroom, you have a large number of decisions to make. The obvious decisions include looking for the tile that fits into the décor of your kitchen or bath, as well as one that will withstand the traffic that each room gets. You will have to choose color, style and material. Once you have chosen the tile, your decisions are not over. You still have the very important decision of choosing the right grout.

What is Grout?

The grout is the material that binds your tiles together. However, it is more than a simple glue that holds your tile in place; it also adds to the beauty of the tile you have chosen. Using the wrong color grout could take the beauty away from the tile you have chosen. It is important to choose a grout color and material that is aesthetically pleasing, but will also protect your tile from any damage.

Type of Grout

There are two basic types of grout – cement and epoxy grout. Cement grout is the most common due to its affordability and ease of installation. Epoxy is more difficult to find and install, as well as being more expensive, but it can withstand heavy-duty cleaning and harsh chemicals.

The Final Touch

Once you have chosen your tile and grout material, you will need to choose the grout color. Just like any other large purchase for your home, you should ask for samples and place them around the room in your kitchen or bathroom. Lay the tiles with the grout samples and look at them in various lighting conditions to determine which combination you like the best for your home. Once you make your decision and have the tile installed, make sure to take the final step of sealing the grout, especially if it is light colored, in order to retain its beauty long term.

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