Why You Should Choose Name Brand Flooring

We all tend to take our floors for granted, until it comes time to replace or update them.  Then we find ourselves inundated by a sea of options.  So many different types of flooring, so many different colors, so many different companies.

As you peruse the aisles, there are names you recognize and some you don’t.  The more familiar names tend to be pricier, so why shouldn’t you save yourself a little money and go with the less well known company?  Before settling on a flooring for price, here are a few advantages you should consider when going with a name brand for your flooring needs.
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Warranty – One major advantage you receive when you use a name brand flooring is the warranty.  These well known companies typically are capable of offering better product guarantees and warranties against future issues.  While you want to hope that your flooring will last forever, you should probably consider what will happen if it doesn’t.

Selection – The larger the company, the larger their selection tends to be.  When you go with a name brand flooring you will have a much larger selection of flooring type, texture, color, etc.  Smaller companies may have the carpet you like, but might not have it in the shade you like.  Or they might have the laminate you are interested in but its maple rather than an oak finish.

Reputation – There is a reason the larger name brand companies are large and “name brand.”  They have somehow proven themselves to be quality providers.  Success seldom lies.  With name brand flooring you get a name consumers trust and a higher quality flooring.

Forward motion – Name brand companies often have money they can spend finding new ways to improve their products.  Whether it’s creating a more eco-friendly flooring or a better stain repellent, name brand companies have the funds to keep the industry moving forward.

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