Choosing Flooring For Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Choosing Flooring For Home Theaters and Media Rooms Choosing Flooring For Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Want to remodel your basement? One of the most popular rooms to include is a media room with home theater. Imagine being able to host your own parties on Saturday night – you bring the popcorn AND supply the movie theater experience. It’s a perfect way to keep the kids at home and entertained.

Yet while you’re dreaming of your new theater, you may have visions of a full library in the back, or soft leather chairs to curl up in, the flooring may not be a thought. Yet it should.

You may not realize it, but the flooring of your media room can have a big effect on sound quality. When choosing flooring for your home theater or media room, keep the following tips in mind.

Choose flooring that absorbs sound, rather than reflects it. Carpeting is the best choice for media rooms because of the soft surface. Carpeting is also cushiony and comfortable, making it ideal for sprawling children. Make sure you use thick padding, as well, because it will also absorb sound, making for a better movie-viewing experience.

Choose a color of carpeting that is dark in color. Light colors of carpet can reflect the light from the television screen, causing glares that make viewing difficult. You can even use different shades of carpeting to create a theater-style feel. To complete the look and feel of a theater, add small floor lights to line the “aisle” of your home theater.

If you already have hard flooring installed, use thick area rugs to help absorb the sound. You can also decorate the room with plush furniture to absorb sound. Make your media room as cozy and comfortable as possible, no matter which type of flooring you have.
Once you have the ideal flooring installed in your media room, you and your family can start enjoying many nights together. Nothing beats quality time with your loved ones!

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