How To Choose Vinyl Flooring

How To Choose Vinyl Flooring How To Choose Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to flooring, you know you want something beautiful as well as durable.  After all, your choice of flooring can make or break the look and functionality of a room.  So when it comes to vinyl flooring, how can you wade through all the choices to find the right one for you and your room?  Here are a few considerations that will help direct you in your search.

Location – Are you looking to put vinyl in a bathroom, the kitchen, the mudroom?  Room location and function play a key role in the type of vinyl you will want to consider.  The higher traffic the room experiences, the better quality vinyl you will want to get.

Material construction – Vinyl is produced through two different methods: inlaid and printed.  Inlaid vinyl is produced by layering colored particles on a backing material.  This means the color/pattern of the vinyl permeates every layer of the flooring.  Printed vinyl is created by printing an image on the layer immediately below the wear layer.  If wear and tear should remove this printed layer, the image is lost with it.

Wear layer – The wear layer will be an important consideration in choosing vinyl, especially for heavy traffic areas.  The vinyl no-wax wear layer is the least durable and will require polishing periodically to maintain its shine.  Urethane finish provides a greater level of durability than vinyl, but the greatest coverage is provided by the enhanced coatings.

Skill level – If you are planning to install the floor yourself, you will of course want to be sure to choose a type of vinyl that you will be comfortable installing. Relying on a professional will ensure quality installation in the shortest period of time possible.

Cost and purpose – While the higher quality vinyl will be more expensive, it will also last longer.  Your considerations will need to balance the current budget with the long term goals.

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