What To Consider When Replacing Commercial Flooring

If you are in the process of either building or renovating your commercial space, your first thought should start at the ground level … your flooring that is. What flooring you use will be the difference between a successful workspace or a mistake that becomes costly over a short period of time.

In many cases, the first consideration for commercial flooring comes from the pocketbook. A budget is established and the cheapest price is chosen to stay within the budget, or even potentially save money as well.what to consider when replacing commercial flooring What To Consider When Replacing Commercial Flooring

While the initial cost of flooring may be the one thing that sticks out in the initial stages of the process, you should also consider potential costs down the road as well. By installing a higher quality, more expensive option now, you may be able to go many years longer without having to replace. Floor replacement disrupts workflow, and can have an enormous impact on productivity. It can also increase your costs, especially if problems arise with underlayment materials.

If its time to replace your commercial flooring, where do you begin?

Start with your space and understanding your needs. How much traffic will your floor bear? What type of work will take place in the room? Is sound control important? Is worker comfort a consideration? Are there unique challenges, like exposure to harsh chemicals?

Then once you’ve looked at what takes place in the environment, move to regular maintenance requirements. How often will the flooring be cleaned and maintained? Is it internally handled or do you hire outside contractors? How much time can you dedicate to maintenance each week? A simple sweep or vacuum is different than having to clean and polish on a regular basis. It also requires different level of custodian work, and may require different levels of equipment to be purchased as well.

No matter what type of flooring you consider, you’ll also have to consider the foundation. Flooring may be what gives your space its style, personality and workability, but it’s the underlayment that will give it its strength and durability. This is especially important in medical or health facilities where contamination from spills can occur. Even in a regular office space, if you choose the wrong underlayment, it can harbor bacteria and give you anything but a safe workspace.

In today’s world, the sky is the limit when making your final choice. While commercial locations once made their final selection from carpet, wood, concrete or tile, today there are many more options that can help you create a unique space. Epoxy, rubber flooring and polymer coatings all can give you a unique look. Eco friendly options are more available than ever before. Carpeting isn’t the old, dingy color combinations from before. In fact, if you have anything special in mind, there are possibilities to consider to make them a reality.

If you are looking to replace your commercial flooring, give us a call or stop by and be amazed at your options.

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Is It Time To Replace Office Flooring?

Take a good look around you. Is your office flooring effecting the way you do business?

When it comes to looking at office productivity, client retention, even office morale, its easy to blame it on many things. In some cases, you don’t have to look any further than to your flooring.is it time to replace office flooring Is It Time To Replace Office Flooring?


Because your flooring sets the standards for the rest of your business. Sure, its something you walk on every day. And you may have never given it much thought before. But it does impact a great many things.

Office Morale

Morale can increase or decrease based on many things. Lets look at it from an employee’s standpoint. Jane comes to work and sees the employee before her brought in slush and mud from the outside, and its now created a mess in the entryway. The carpeting is already stained and threadbare with marks everywhere. Rather than taking the time to clean it, she mumbles about the looks and continues to her desk. That little act can lower her standards for the day ahead. When you as management show that you care about the appearance of your office, your employees will care more as well.

Client Retention

Here’s an easy one. Lets say a potential client is interviewing businesses. They enter one office with clean, well maintained flooring that sets off the décor perfectly. The other office has carpeting straight out of the 80s, with color and wear-marks to match. One will make a prospect think a company is doing well, the other will make a prospect wonder how long a company will be in business. Clients see the difference. They make their first impressions within a few seconds of entering. What is your entry saying about you?

Office Productivity

Does your flooring match your employees needs and expectations? Can they do their job effectively? If they are using pull carts and pushing items across worn carpeting with holes and grooves, they may spend a good portion of their time overcoming challenges. If your office is better suited for a tile or wood floor and they deal with spills on carpeting on a regular basis, they may avoid portions of their jobs where trouble occurs. Whenever challenges occur, employees find ways of avoiding the situation altogether. What is that costing you in your business?

Are you ready to replace your office flooring? Even if you are in the initial stages of planning, let us show you your options. With so many possibilities, you’ll quickly find the perfect solution to give your business a boost.

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Tips For Using Hardwood Flooring In Bathrooms

When it comes to remodeling and installing new floors in your home, one of the most popular choices continues to be hardwoods. Hardwood flooring has a natural beauty that complements décor in every room in the house. Plus its easy to maintain too.

Yet while people love hardwood flooring throughout the main levels of their home, there’s something that makes them shy away from including hardwoods in the bathroom. The old mantra of “wood and water don’t mix” comes to mind, and people take it seriously.tips for using hardwood flooring in bathrooms Tips For Using Hardwood Flooring In Bathrooms

With bathrooms, there are unavoidable spills, splashes, and daily humidity, all of which can add into the chance of warping. And once warped, wood can become hazardous to walk on, and can even harm your health as mold sets in.

All good reasons to avoid hardwoods in bathrooms. Yet technology prevails in this case. Manufacturers understand that people love hardwood, so new finishes have been designed that make wood floors in bathrooms a feasible option.

To begin, choose a proper wood to install. Soft woods are more prone to absorb moisture from its surrounding areas. Choose a hard wood, such as oak, maple, cherry, walnut or hickory, to give your flooring more durability to withstand the daily abuse a bathroom can take.

Then make sure you use a good polyurethane finish to protect the wood under normal bathroom conditions. This finish incorporates a synthetic resin over the wood that creates a watertight seal that will protect without peeling.

If you do use wood in the bathroom, make sure to wipe up spills and puddles quickly. The longer water sits on wood, the greater chance it has of damage. While this is true for any flooring, its more of a problem with wood.

Also be conscious with your décor. Many bathroom rugs come with rubber bottoms to prevent slippage as you move around the bathroom. While this may be important for vinyl and tile floor, the same is not true on hardwoods. A rubber backed rug can actually help retain moisture, meaning your floor is more at risk.

Hardwood flooring creates an area of warmth and style you won’t find with other materials. If it fits with your design, don’t shy away from it. Instead, be smart about your final wood choice, maintain it, and enjoy.

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Tips After Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

Now that your hardwood flooring has been installed, there are a few tips to keep in mind to keep them beautiful for years to come.

If you haven’t already read:

Tips Before Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

Tips During Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

Start there. Then read on to discover a few important details you can start putting into action today.

tips after your hardwood flooring installation process Tips After Your Hardwood Flooring Installation ProcessAfter installation:

Nothing can damage hardwoods quicker than a deep, set in scratch. Before you place any furniture down, place a felt pad underneath for protection. You can find felt pads in any size and color; cut them to size to ensure a perfect fit.

For even more protection against scratches, dirt, and moisture, consider placing area rugs throughout your home. The key is using them where traffic is at its highest. You can use them in entryways, hallways, or in rooms where people spend a lot of time. Area rugs are perfect under dining room tables or along couches and chairs where feet are more likely to shuffle against the floor.

Clean and maintain your floors on a regular basis. In many ways hardwoods are easier to keep clean than other choices. A simple sweep can remove the dust and other small particles that have impact on your floors over time. Make sure you don’t use too much water, or allow water to puddle as this can ruin them quickly. Also be careful about using floor cleaners and waxes; check with the manufacturer or contractor for ideas on the perfect products to use.

Dents are also a common occurrence in hardwoods. The easiest way to avoid dents is to trim pet nails on a regular basis, and take off high heels when walking and standing on the floor. Dents can be a very costly thing to fix, so its important to take precautionary measures from the beginning.

Make sure the temperature of your home is a constant. Extreme changes in temperature can cause hardwood to expand or buckle, contract or create gaps between the planks. Because hardwoods are a natural product, it will react to new and changing conditions, including humidity changes. The more of a constant you can make your home, the more settled your hardwood flooring will be.

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Tips During Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

Nothing can be as exciting or change a room faster than installing new flooring. And when you’ve made the decision to install hardwood flooring, you know you’ll be investing in a look and feel that will not only look good for years to come, it will also add value to your home overall.

Start by reading our Tips Before Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Process. Then continue here and discover some important facts to take into consideration as the process begins.

During installation:tips during your hardwood flooring installation process Tips During Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

Make sure your installer is aware of where hardwoods will be laid in your home, and what other flooring it will ultimately bump up against. Different types of transitions will be used depending on your other flooring. Its also important to use the right transition for each situation. For example, a T-molding is used when transitioning from one flooring area to another flooring area at the same height level. A reducer transition is required if your hardwood floors are slightly higher or lower than another hard surface, such as vinyl or tile. This will ensure anyone in your home can easily move between flooring without risk of tripping or injury.

Because hardwood flooring will expand and contract during its life, its important to leave space for this natural occurrence. Expansion gaps must be used when your floors meet the walls to ensure space for normal expansion and contracting. This includes walls, door stops, transitions, poles, or any other area where there is a distinct transition.

With real hardwood flooring, its important to mix up the planks from different boxes. Individual boxes of hardwood usually will have planks with a similar look and feel. By mixing up the boxes and applying the planks in different areas of your room, you will avoid having slight variations as the wood transitions from one side to another. Mixing the planks is an important part of installation for hardwoods, less for laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has a more uniform look, so the variations won’t be as noticeable.

Determine the direction of the planks. For hardwood planks, they must be installed perpendicular to the joints supporting your subflooring underneath. This will make your floors stronger and last longer over time. For laminate flooring, you can choose the direction the planks will be installed. For example, running your laminate flooring long ways across the project area will be easier to install, give you long, clean lines, and provide you with fewer seams to contend with over time. Or try following the flow of light. If sunlight streams through a panel of windows, allow the grain of the wood to flow along those lines. It will help you create a warm look and feel to your room.

Be sure to continue with Tips After Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

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Tips Before Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular choices on the market today. And its not just for your main living space. You can use hardwood to create a warm, inviting look in any room in your home.

But hardwood flooring does need special attention. If you follow these few steps, you’ll enjoy your floors for years to come.

Before you install:tips before your hardwood flooring installation process Tips Before Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

Finding the right installer just might be the most important step in your installation process. If wood is installed correctly, it will provide you with years of enjoyment trouble-free. Make sure you talk with several contractors as you begin the process. The more educated you become about hardwoods, the easier it will be to choose the right flooring – and the right installer – for you.

Once you’ve made your final selection, the wood or laminate flooring you choose should be acclimated to the temperature and conditions of your home. Hardwood or laminate flooring will expand and contract over time due to the conditions of your home. In order to reduce this movement to a minimum, bringing the wood into your home and giving it time to breathe will keep the movement to a minimum after installation.

Make sure your home is in livable condition, and that the air conditioning or heating system has been operating at least two weeks before installation. Wood products must be acclimated in livable temperatures, which is why its important for your home to be at a steady temperature in order to provide you with the best results.

Make sure the area is fully prepped before installation. This can include removing furniture, removing old carpeting, fixing any squeaks or loose boards in the underlayment, fixing leaks that could damage the new floor, or leveling out the subfloor.

Be sure to continue with:

Tips During Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

Tips After Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Process

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What You Really Should Know About Choosing Hardwood Floors

So you’ve decided its time to replace the flooring in your home. And if you are like many Colorado homeowners, hardwood flooring is probably at the top of your list. It’s a wonderful choice throughout your main living areas, and can provide years of enjoyment and durability no matter what rooms you choose to have it installed.

Yet if you’ve decided on installing hardwood flooring in your home, there is more to think about then color and style.

what you really should know about choosing hardwood floors What You Really Should Know About Choosing Hardwood FloorsEnvironmentally friendly flooring means being aware and proactive of the woods you choose to have installed in your home. In order for a hardwood product to meet legal requirements right here in the US, it must be produced from responsibly managed forests and legally logged trees. If forests are responsibly managed, they are one of the most sustainable resources we have.

Back in 1900, the Lacey Act was put into law that prohibits the trade of wildlife, fish or plants that have been illegally taken, possessed, transported or sold. A 2008 amendment included a protected a wider variety of prohibited plants, which made it illegal to create products from illegally loggged woods.

Illegally logging of trees includes a variety of things:

  • Using corrupt means to gain access to the forest
  • Removing trees without permission from protected forests
  • Cutting down protected species
  • Harvested and imported with illegal means

While it seems logical that all wood flooring products on the market today would fall into this category and follow the codes, its still a buyer beware process. The Lacey Act is a “fact based” stature rather than a document based statute, which means the private sector complies as it sees fit without a set of documentation in place to monitor it.

As a consumer, it does in some cases put the burden on you.

If sustainability is important in your final choice, do your homework before making a selection. There are good, domestic FSC-certified hardwoods available, created from companies that help protect forests and feel confident these forests are being managed to the highest of standards.

You can also look for companies that use the SFI Standard Program as a tool to demonstrate their care for forested land. They measure according to the variety of amenities a forest offers – water, air, recreation, aesthetics, wildlife, jobs – and ensures forest management have continued incentives to keep the forest in top condition to ensure sustainability for years to come.

Sometimes shopping online for price alone will not give you, the consumer, the information you need to make a well informed decision on the status of your final hardwood selection. And in some cases, depending on the source, they may even be breaking the law.

To ensure you have a top quality, hardwood floor for final use in your home, talk with your flooring consultant first to make a well-informed decision. Not only will it impact the quality of your home, it will also ensure our lifestyles for years to come.

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What Homeowners Want Today In Flooring

Technology has made everything a little better in our society, and flooring is no exception. Today’s carpets are a little softer and more durable, woods are stronger with many more options, and vinyl is now a luxury.

If you’ve been living with cheap, stained carpeting, or a low quality wood that has more scuff marks and dents than you can count, it may be a time for you to see what today’s flooring is truly all about.what homeowners want today in flooring What Homeowners Want Today In Flooring


Carpet choices definitely differ by region. What works well for homeowners in the hot, southern states might not be a top choice for homeowners in cold, northern states. And here in Colorado, homeowners want something functional every month of the year.

In general, functionality and easy maintenance is a necessity in the main living areas, while warmth and comfort remains a focus in the bedrooms. Which is why we see luxury carpet choices making a big hit to replace old, outdated carpet.

Today’s carpets are some of the softest around, and many offer environmentally friendly features. A lot of companies melt down polyester and nylon to make new fibers over and over again, giving it new texture and feel. A current favorite is a cut-and-loop carpet, which gives carpeting a sculpted pattern, with lots of personality.


Coloradans like multi-purpose rooms, which is why homes with wide open spaces that combine living rooms and kitchens together has brought on the use of hardwoods throughout the main living areas.

A popular route is to use laminate, which is a thin piece of wood on a core of other materials, which allows more structural stability at a more affordable price.

For those that want a solid wood floor, preferences are leaning to hardwoods with darker stains, larger or multi-sized planks, or exotic woods you won’t find in every home on the block.

Green choices are also a hit, with bamboo becoming more widely used all the time. Because more people are leaning towards bamboo, the technology is getting better to make it a more solid choice for every room in your home. Early versions had shrinkage and water damage issues, that have been reduced and in some cases eliminated with newer versions. Its important to ask about quality when making your final selections.

Luxury Vinyl

While most people don’t think of vinyl as a luxury, you will be pleasantly surprised at the options you have if vinyl is your choice. Technology allows manufacturers to take a photo of many different materials and recreate it on vinyl. Woods, stone, even marble can be replicated on a significantly less expensive piece of vinyl flooring, giving you the look and feel you desire at a fraction of the cost.

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Tips For Choosing The Right Tile For Your Kitchen Backsplash

Thinking of moving soon? One of the top recommendations for adding value to your home is to update or remodel your kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the center gathering point of the home.

Yet kitchen remodels are also on the top of the budget scale, and not necessarily something you want to take on if you are thinking of moving anyway.tips for choosing the right tile for your kitchen backsplash Tips For Choosing The Right Tile For Your Kitchen Backsplash

An easier way to refresh your kitchen and give it a new look and new appeal is to add a modern backsplash instead. Tile backsplashes can be changed out quickly, can be redone without ripping out countertops or cabinetry, and can change an appearance instantly with just a little work. Need some ideas?


Always add focus and interest to the main cooking area in the kitchen. Usually the biggest area in your kitchen is above the stove, which means it’s the best place to add visual interest. Choose tile with contrast and pattern to develop your look and feel, followed by more subtle tiles to continue the color theme throughout the rest of your kitchen.

Colors and Hues

One of the most popular choices right now is a mosaic color glass tile backsplash. Those tiny tiles in an array of colors can add variety to an otherwise dull kitchen. Keep in mind that lots of color in the backsplash should play off a more monochrome countertop; too much color could leave your kitchen feeling busy.

Mix and Match

Its easy to walk into a tile store and fall in love with some of the most beautiful tile on display. Yet when you price it, you are in for the shock of your life. Fancy, elaborate tile is meant for accents, not to use throughout your kitchen. Talk with the tile consultant about how to build structure around your favorite tiles by limiting the amount of expensive tile to a central area, and surrounding it with a less expensive matching tile.


Who says all tile has to be laid horizontally or vertically? In some cases, you can create a unique look and feel by rotating the tile and playing things up. Try laying subway tile in a diagonal pattern to change your focal point.

Plan Ahead

Before you begin adhering tile to the wall, make sure you walk the tile up the wall from bottom to top to get the full look. In many cases, people start at the bottom and lay the tile in place, only to find out that the top area needs only a sliver of tile to finish the look. In order to create more uniformity, make sure you see the look before you begin installing. It may mean cutting a little off both the top and the bottom tile in order to create the look you are trying to achieve.

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Choosing The Perfect Tile For Your Kitchen

When it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing kitchen, tile is at the top of the list. Yet you don’t have to stick with one type of tile, Instead, mixing and matching looks and styles can give you a look that’s unique and all your own.

When choosing tile, there are a few things to consider as you are making your final selections. After all, its important to choose the right tile for the right location. Glossy tile that looks great on the wall won’t work on the floor, where safety is your number one concern. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right tile throughout your kitchen. choosing the perfect tile for your kitchen Choosing The Perfect Tile For Your Kitchen

Determine where you will lay tile – Tile is a versatile material that can be installed just about anywhere. Tile can be placed as a backsplash behind a stove, or to add contrast between upper and lower cabinets. It is a popular countertop material, and is one of the best flooring choices around.

Determine your budget – Kitchen tile can be found in all kinds of styles, all kinds of colors … and all kinds of prices. Do your homework before you settle into a look that is beyond your budget. While there are always a variety of options available to you, be aware that sometimes its best to change your look in order to stick within your budget guidelines.

Consider your lifestyle – Although tile is one of the most resilient choices around, keep in mind that different people need different things from placement throughout the kitchen. Ceramic tiles are durable for a countertop and will hold up to heat from hot pans, and be easy to clean and maintain. However, ceramic tile surfaces can be uneven and chip or crack easily with excessive use. Only you can determine the best use for the people in your family.

Choosing floor tile should be your top concern – Its easy to get caught up in the look and feel you are creating, and not spend the necessary time thinking about the best flooring choice. Tile is durable and easy to maintain. It can withstand heavy traffic, kid and pet messes, and be easily cleaned when cooking sessions get a little crazy. However, tile is hard – a problem for people with health or back related issues. It can also be a more difficult surface for people designing with aging in place in mind. Falling on a hard, tile surface can do damage; which makes it possibly not the best choice for people with elderly family members around every day. If you have questions, its best to talk through all your needs before making a final selection.

Whatever your final choice, know that nothing looks as great or provides durability quite like tile. Stop by today and see the many choices we have on display that will be perfect for adding color and style to your kitchen remodel project.

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