Understanding Laminate Flooring Classification

Are you changing out your current flooring? Are you looking into laminate flooring? There is more to keep in mind than color and style. Understanding Laminate Flooring Classification 199x300 Understanding Laminate Flooring Classification

Laminate flooring has a specific classification system.  Understanding this system will help to ensure that you choose the right laminate flooring for your home.

There are two methods of manufacturing laminate flooring – Direct-pressure laminate and High-pressure laminate. DPL flooring is made by bonding four layers at about 400 degrees and at a pressure of about 600psi. HPL flooring is made by treating the two outer layers separately, then bonding them to the inner layers. HPL flooring is more expensive than DPL flooring.

The AC rating of laminate flooring refers to foot traffic:

AC1 – light residential foot traffic
AC2 – moderate residential foot traffic
AC3 – heavy residential/moderate commercial foot traffic
AC4 – general commercial foot traffic
AC5 – heavy commercial foot traffic

Both products work. And both can be functional additions to your home for many years to come. The key is to consider your options and choose the right flooring for you home and situation.

If you want flooring that has a longer life-span, you may want to pay the extra money for HPL flooring. If you are installing it in a low traffic area, and have plans to move in a few years, you may opt for a less expensive DPL product.

Above all, work with a flooring expert that can direct you to the right purchase. Let them know where you will be installing it and the day-to-day patterns of that area of your home. Because they deal with flooring every day, they can help you come up with the perfect plan for your home.

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