What Are the Differences Between Indoor And Outdoor Tiles?

Tiles can be used all over home, both indoors and outdoors. They add a versatile beauty as well as offer durability.

If you have been thinking about choosing tiles for your home, you are making a smart choice as they are more popular than ever.

what are the differences between indoor and outdoor tiles What Are the Differences Between Indoor And Outdoor Tiles?While tiles add a modern touch, it can be difficult to know which tiles to use inside and which ones to use outside of your home. If you choose the wrong tile, your floor could be vulnerable to corrosion and damage because of the conditions. Not everything can take the drastic temperature changes our Denver weather brings.

So what exactly are the differences between indoor and outdoor tiles? Here are a few key points about them:

  • Though durable, indoor tiles are not made to handle things such as frost and direct sunlight. On the other hand, outdoor tiles have the ability to handle these conditions and more.
  • Outdoor tiles should have a texture on their surface that assists them in resisting slips. Some special outdoor tiles have a surface that is a little gritty, and this provides excellent traction if the surface gets wet. Slip-resistant tiles will accumulate more dirt and will naturally require more regular maintenance.
  • Since outdoor tiles must endure conditions such as weather and temperature, they need to able to withstand wear and tear, so they will look more rugged. They also have a tougher glaze than indoor tiles.
  • Outdoor tiles must be frost-resistant and unglazed in order to withstand the repeated freeze/thaw cycles of winters without cracking.

The most common indoor tiles include porcelain, ceramic, marble, and slate. The most common outdoor tiles include ceramic, stone and mosaic. Porcelain tiles are made from a fine-powdered clay tablet that is pressed under enormous pressure and heat, even hotter than ceramic. Porcelain tiles are generally denser than ceramic tiles.

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