What To Consider When Replacing Carpeting In An Office

Nothing can change up a room and make it fresh and new like new carpet. It can give your business a new look and feel, and not only make your clients look at you a bit differently, it can give you motivation to try new projects as well.What To Consider When Replacing Carpeting In An Office 300x300 What To Consider When Replacing Carpeting In An Office

Yet making the decision to have it replaced is the easy part. Once your landlord gives the approval, where do you go from there?

Start by evaluating your needs.

Do you run a high traffic business, or it it just you and the office staff? Do you deal with chemicals and liquid materials that risk destroying carpets quickly? Are you out to impress, or simply want functionality? Make a list of you needs. Then talk with with a flooring consultant and find out what flooring will best work for your business.

Work out a plan that works for everyone

Find out how long it will take to replace the flooring. Replacing carpets may be easier and less time consuming than adding in new hardwoods. Also plan on replacing it during a slow or easy time for all occupants. Desks are easy to move. Wall to wall filing cabinets aren’t. Its important to give yourself plenty of time for moving and rearranging, both before and after the replacement.

Remove the old carpet and put in the new

Old carpet may not be a simple “lift and replace” job. Depending on how old the building is and what type of glue was used to install the previous carpet, it may be a long and difficult process. Old adhesive, especially if used in conjunction with old vinyl tiles, may even contain asbestos, adding to the time and cost of removal. You may even find multiple layers of carpet over tiles over vinyl. Then once the removal is complete, it may take additional time preparing the subflooring for the new carpet.

Develop a maintenance plan for the new flooring

Once your new flooring is in place, help maintain the look and feel for many years to come by setting up a regular maintenance plan. Talk with the installers about specifics. Do they recommend types of cleaners? How often should a professional clean or maintain it? What do you do if you have emergencies, such as spills and stains? Keep all information handy so you know who to call when you have concerns. The quicker you respond to problems, the easier it will be keep your carpet looking its best for well into the future.

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