Tips For Having A Live Christmas Tree On Carpeting

There is no substitute for having a real Christmas tree throughout the holiday season. The fresh pine aroma, the uniqueness of each individual tree, nothing adds to the feel like having it front and center for your home’s Christmas display.

Despite their beauty, trees also require a lot of for having a live christmas tree on carpeting Tips For Having A Live Christmas Tree On Carpeting

There are typically three potential problems when you combine Christmas trees and the inside of your home: needles, water and sap. And when it comes to your carpeting, the one zooming to the top of the list is sticky tree sap. Nothing can impact your after holiday mood more than finding a trail of sap left behind in the fibers of your carpeting.

Sap is kind of like removing chewing gum. There are a few ways to handle it to make it easier to remove and less noticeable when the final remnants are gone.

Use rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol works as a drying agent, drying out the sap to make it easier to remove. Soak a small, clean cloth or paper towel in rubbing alcohol, then blot the stain gently. Never rub as you’ll make the problem worse. Repeat until entire sap stain is covered. Allow to dry, then pick the sap out of the fibers.

Use ice

If you’ve ever worked with ice to get gum out of hair, it works in much the same manner. Use the ice to harden the sap, allowing the ice to penetrate all affected areas. As the sap hardens, pick the sap out of the fibers.

Use dishwashing detergent

Dishwashing detergent is a natural stain remover and help break down oils. Therefore it also makes a natural cleaner for sap in your carpeting as well. Before you add detergent to your carpet, test a small area in a non-conspicuous place for color resistance. Then apply a small amount of detergent directly to the sap, massage with a warm, damp cloth, and let the detergent work into the fibers. Continue until the sap is loosened and removed. Be sure to remove all detergent as it can attract dirt if left behind.

Other alternatives

If you search online, you’ll find all kinds of alternatives to help remove sap from carpeting: peanut butter, mayonnaise, and more. Keep in mind that most of these removal items can actually cause a bigger stain than the sap. If you’ve tried several of the above mentioned solutions with little luck, it may be time to call in the experts.

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The Best Carpet If You Own A Cat

Carpets and cats. In many ways, they are as different as night and day. For many people, if they have a cat, they know they will be dealing with many problems to keep their carpeting clean and fresh and looking its best.

When if comes time for a new floor, can you consider carpeting once again even if you’ve had problems in the past? Are some carpet choices better for cat owners, making the care less traumatic for the both of you?the best carpet if you own a cat The Best Carpet If You Own A Cat

Happily, the answer is yes. There are choices you can make at the time of installation to give you the look and feel you’ve always wanted from your carpeting.

Start With The Main Issues – Fur and Urine

First and foremost, if you are choosing new carpeting, your first thoughts should turn to avoiding the two biggest problems with cat ownership: loose fur and accidents. Your best carpet choices will have synthetic fibers that offer stain resistance. Nylon and polypropylene (Olefin) are both highly recommended because they offer stain resistance, and are also stable chemical compounds that produce low out-gassing. This means you can have what you need most – protection from stains and accidents – without putting your family’s health in harms way. Remember, the tighter the pile or loop, the more resistant it will be to those accidents that are sure to be coming your way.

Also, the pile of your carpeting will determine how much fur, dander, and in some cases fleas can get into your home and create a long term problem. Berber carpet is a tightly looped classic that is always highly recommended when it comes to pet-proofing your home, yet still gives you the warm, stylish look you desire. However, keep in mind that loops sometimes attract over-active desires for scratching, in which case a tightly woven cut pile style, such as plush or frieze, will make a better choice.

What’s Underneath Is Equally Important

Ultimately, it might not be your carpeting that’s the problem, it may be the padding or backing that causes the problem instead. As a flooring expert, we recommend an underbarrier or carpet backing to help prevent problems from the beginning. Their primary purpose is to keep liquids from reaching the floor underneath the carpeting, which can cause bigger, more long term problems that may continue long after you replace your current carpeting. Common choices for underbarriers are cork, foam, or a compressed gel with waterproof backing. Cork is a good choice, but is also the most expensive of your choices. Foam is comfortable to walk on and the least expensive to install, but it does have the highest rate of outgassing. Compressed gel is a good choice, and often is your best choice.


If you’ve tried carpet in the past and have problems keeping it clean because of your pet’s behavior, there are alternatives. There are many other flooring choices that are more durable and easier to clean and maintain. Tile, for instance, is a great alternative that can offer many looks and styles, depending on your décor and the look you are trying to achieve. Then soften the area with area rugs, which are easier to clean and switch out as needed.

If carpeting is still your preference, you can look at carpet tiles, which offer a wide variety of options in today’s world. You can find carpet tiles at reasonable prices, and the benefit is the individual tiles are easy to replace as you have problem areas throughout your room. Just lift and replace, and your flooring is back to its original condition.

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Choosing Natural Carpet Fibers

In today’s world, natural is a very popular concept. We want “natural” in just about everything we do.

When it comes to carpeting, going natural is something you can easily do with the technology and offerings available to you. Give these options a try.

Wool Carpet

Wool is the most common natural fiber you’ll find in today’s carpeting. Its used frequently in both carpets and in rugs, and with good reason. Wool is strong, resistant to stains, resistant to piling, resistant to fire, and has a coating that causes small amounts of water to bead up, making it easy to clean up immediate spills. It also has natural heat and sound insulation, which can be a good thing on those cold, winter evenings.choosing natural carpet fibers Choosing Natural Carpet Fibers

Despite the fact that wool does have natural tendencies to reflect small amounts of water, large amounts can quickly overwhelm. Wool carpeting should be installed in dry areas and should not be subjected to large amounts of water (such as in a bathroom, or near doors where it may receive moisture from the elements on a regular basis). Wool is susceptible to both mold and mildew if subjected to water for any length of time. If this is the case, wool carpeting is sometimes blended with hemp fibers to create a stronger resistance to both.

Sisal Carpet

Sisal is a soft, durable natural fiber that is relatively easy to dye and can stand up to high traffic areas without being uncomfortable underfoot. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be installed in any room in the house. However, because it is easily dyed, it also is easily stained and requires treatments to make it resistant to spills and stains.

Seagrass Carpet

Seagrass is a smooth anti static carpet choice made from natural plant fibers. Its produced from a crop that is grown like rice in paddy fields that are flooded with seawater each year during the growing season.

The tough fibers are nearly watertight, which means it resists stains, dirt and even discoloration. Which also means that it won’t hold dye from a manufacturer, so it is only available in it natural hue. It can be easily damaged if subjected to large amounts of water, or exposed to excessive humidity or moisture, so bathroom and kitchen installation should be avoided.

Coir Carpet

Coir carpeting is manufactured from the husks of coconuts. It is a coarse material that has a naturally rustic look, and therefore is often found in cottages or log cabin settings. Because it has a coarse, almost abrasive texture, it is best kept in high traffic areas, such as hallways and living rooms. Avoid areas where you want soft carpeting under foot, such as in bedrooms and children’s play areas.

While coir is durable, it is susceptible to stains and can discolor from spills. It should be kept away from wet environments.

Jute Carpet

Jute is manufactured from a plant in Asia. The plant is soaked in water, its stalks stripped to make the individual fibers. It is most commonly used in both rope, and in carpet backing material.

Jute is soft and one of the least expensive natural carpet fibers available on the market. But it does lack in durability, making it not such a good choice in areas with a lot of foot traffic.

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Quick Tips For Removing Every Type Of Carpet Stain


That’s the word that’s echoed in many homes around the world … right before a major spill adds something to the carpeting that shouldn’t be there. Like finger paint. Or red wine.

While most stains can be removed if you act quickly, different carpets and different stains need different treatment. But how do you know what to use in each circumstance? What works on one stain could actually set another into your carpet for life. Take away these quick concepts so you’ll have a better understanding of what cleaners to keep in your home, and what to use in many of the situations you might face every day.

Getting Startedquick tips for removing every type of carpet stain Quick Tips For Removing Every Type Of Carpet Stain

No matter what type of stain you have, to remove a stain, simply blot the spot and remove and dry from the outside in. Rinse thoroughly with water, and begin to blot again. Never scrub. Scrubbing can actually cause the stain to penetrate the fibers and soak the carpet through to the pad, ensuring your stain will be set for life.

Water Soluble Stains

These are the items that have a water base, such as:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Berries
  • Colas
  • Food dyes
  • Ice cream
  • Jelly
  • Mild
  • Mud
  • Washable paints and inks
  • Latex paint

Dab with a simple solution of ¼ teaspoon of non-bleach detergent or white vinegar mixed with 32 ounces of water.

While this formula works on most water soluble stains, there are a few stains that need special treatment.

  • Blood
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Mustard
  • Tea
  • Wine

Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with 1 cup of water to create a strong, stain fighting wash.

Always test in a small area before adding to larger, more conspicuous areas, as chemicals can react differently on certain fibers, such as wool or wool-blend carpeting.

Special Stains

In addition to the more common water soluble stains, there are a variety of household stains that require special treatment.

Oil, Fat or Wax – Before these sticky substances set in, place a paper towel over the carpet and iron on a warm setting. The oil, fat or wax should come off the carpet and stick to the paper towel.

Glue – Use a cotton ball or soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol and press it against the effected area. Once the glue is moistened, gentle wipe it off from the outside in.

Gum – Use an ice cube to freeze the gum, then shatter it with a blunt object. Vacuum before the pieces soften.

Nail Polish – Use a cotton ball or soft cloth dipped in nail polish remover to blog the stain from the outside in.

Urine – Absorb as much as possible with clean, white towels. Next, spray or blot with a solution of one part white vinegar to one part water. Finally apply a solution of ½ teaspoon of clear, mild non-bleach detergent mixed with 32 ounces of water, rinse and dry.

Ongoing Maintenance

When you install your carpeting, ask your flooring consultant about warranties. In many cases, manufacturers recommend professional cleaning on a regular basis; skipping these cleanings may actually void the warranty.

Regular cleaning is important to remove the dirt and debris that settles into your carpet, even if you can’t see it. A thorough cleaning will ensure your carpets stay cleaner, your family stays healthier, and carpeting will wear longer overall, providing you with more value from your investment.

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7 Ways To Save On Apartment Carpet

Buying carpet for your personal home can be difficult. You want quality and style; something that will give you warmth, comfort and value for years to come.

But what about as a landlord or property owner? If you are buying carpet that you know one, two, even three or more tenants will ultimately use, how do you find carpet that will give you the style your tenants are looking for, and hopefully give you longevity to increase your profit margins as well?7 ways to save on apartment carpet 7 Ways To Save On Apartment Carpet

1. Choose a carpet with your needs in mind

Every rental property has different requirements. Do you typically rent to families with lots of small children? Do you accept pets? What income and occupation level are you targeting? If you expect to replace on a more frequent basis, a lower grade carpet is better for your budget.

2. Nylon outperforms in difficult situations

Nylon carpeting is the most recommended carpet fiber for rentals. It’s the most resilient, durable and easy to clean. It also has less likelihood to shed, fuzz or pile compared with other carpet fibers.

3. Know your padding options

The lifespan of your carpet doesn’t depend on what carpet you choose; it depends on what padding you select. With most apartment carpeting selections, a 7/16”, 6 pound padding is used. Again, by knowing who your average renter will be, you can choose to go up or down in quality and extend the life of your carpet an additional year or two, or save on money in the beginning knowing you’ll be replacing it in a shorter period of time.

4. Reuse when you can

Typically when you have a rental property, you replace carpeting all the time. Which means you are consistently purchasing carpet on a large scale. By using the same carpeting, in some cases you can save a portion of carpet or pad, while replacing only what needs to be replaced. For instance, the main living space may be in need for replacement, but the bedroom still has another year or two. By choosing the same carpet manufacturer and style, you may be able to save money over time.

5. Do the job yourself

Do you have maintenance workers on staff that can change out carpet as a part of their job requirements? We can easily help you find the best carpet choice for you, and let you handle the labor.

6. Communicate with your contractors

Keep an open line of communication with your flooring contractor. If you run a large apartment building and need carpeting on a routine basis, lets stay in touch about the best selections for you. If we know what you’re looking for, we can watch as styles and trends change, helping you save money in the long run. Also, if you forsee big changes, or know a problem unit will soon be vacated, let us know early so we can have your carpet ready and waiting when its time to replace. Its always easier to have things ready to go then to live through a stressful moment not sure if you will have everything ready before the next tenant moves in.

7. Inspect after installation

When your carpeting is installed, chances are you will be in the middle of a lot of things. Time is money and you want your renters in as fast as possible. Yet don’t forget to take a look at the carpeting after its installed. Make sure it’s the correct carpet, color and style. Look for defects or problem areas right from the beginning. If you notice anything, take the extra time to have it repaired. It could mean the difference between having to replace your carpets almost immediately, or having them last an extra couple of years.

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Buying Carpet For Its Cleanability

What keeps a carpet clean?

From all of the ads you see on television, you would think its up to the vacuum cleaner you choose. buying carpet for its cleanability Buying Carpet For Its Cleanability

Not all carpets are created the same.

  • Some carpets are less likely to attract soil
  • Some carpets release dirt faster
  • Some carpets don’t trap dirt as deep
  • Some carpets are easier maintained than others

What should you look for when selecting a carpet?


Carpet pile is used to describe the carpet fibers attached to the backing. Pile can be a loop (loop pile) or cut open (cut pile). Loop pile makes it harder for dirt to penetrate into the carpet, meaning a recent stain will clean up easier and faster when treated right away. However, if dirt is allowed to penetrate, the dirt sinks in deeper, meaning it will be harder to clean over time.

Low pile carpets such as Berber are easier to clean than their high pile counterparts. And the thicker, higher in density carpeting will mean dirt takes longer to penetrate, meaning its easier to keep clean in the short run.

Soil and Stain Treatments

Stain resistant carpeting will have a better chance of maintaining its appearance and will make it easier to clean overall. Yet they are called stain resistant for a reason; nothing will ever be stain proof. Different types of fiber will attract different types of stains, and allow dirt and grime to sink in at different rates. The less stress you give your carpets, the more wear they will provide overall.


Carpets are created with their own unique benefits and downsides. Speak with a carpet consultant about the most important features for you, then select the right carpeting for your circumstances.

  • Nylon offers great resiliency and doesn’t attract oil stains. It holds up well and is fairly easy to clean. It is more prone to stain from food and beverages.
  • Olefin doesn’t hold its shape as well as nylon, but has more water resistant qualities.
  • Polyester is stain resistant by design, but also is more attracted to oily stains.
  • Natural fibers are naturally resilient and even moisture repellant. You do have to be careful about cleaning products, as the fibers are more sensitive to chemicals.
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Did You Know This About Carpeting?

What is the most common flooring choice? Carpeting. Carpeting adds warmth to a home, insulates it and gives your home a comfortable feeling. Plus it comes in so many colors and styles, your possibilities are endless.

While these are so of the many things you probably do know, there are more things that you possibly don’t. Did you know:did you know this about carpeting Did You Know This About Carpeting?

  • Carpet accounts for 51 percent of the total US flooring market.
  • More than 80 percent of the US carpet and rug market is produced by mills in Georgia, with an estimated $8 billion in business activity.
  • Georgia supplies more than 45 percent of the world’s carpet and rugs.
  • Since its inception, CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort) members have diverted over 2.6 billion pounds of post consumer carpet from landfills throughout the United States.
  • India, China and Pakistan are the top three countries that export wool rugs and carpeting into the US.
  • The most popular material for carpets or rug fiber is nylon, with around 48 percent market penetration. Polyester follows with a 25 percent market share.
  • One of the biggest increases in the carpeting world has been carpet tiles. Once considered a mainstay in the commercial carpeting world, its now even making its way into some residential use, as people are getting more creative with the look and feel of their homes.
  • Over 70 percent of all carpet replaced each year is for reasons other than wear. Owners replace carpeting because it’s the wrong color, or outdated for their decorating purposes; they are tired of the current color and want a change; or its ugly, discolored or appears to be worn out.

Is it time to replace your carpet? With so many styles, colors and designs to choose from, now is the perfect time to give your home that new and updated look. Stop by today and look at a few samples. You may be surprised at how easily carpeting can change the entire look of your home, and be one of the easiest ways to “remodel” that room that’s been in need of a change for months.

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Removing Carpet Not Necessary If You Have Asthma

Your child has recently been diagnosed with asthma. Change is happening all over your home.

For many people in this situation, your attention quickly looks down at your carpets; should you remove your carpeting and choose another flooring to keep the situation from escalating? Some doctors may suggest to you to remove your carpets; if you do research online, you’ll undoubtedly find many of the same suggestions. But is it true? Will carpets exacerbate asthma conditions?removing carpet not necessary if you have asthma Removing Carpet Not Necessary If You Have Asthma

If you read advice from carpet manufacturers, they will tell you that the properties of a carpet can actually be a good thing when it comes to protecting those with asthma. When dust is trapped in the strands of a carpet, they are no circulating in the air for your child to breathe. It is confined to one location until you have the opportunity to vacuum it away.

Many studies have been conducted on homes with various kinds of living situations to determine the best course of action. Allergen sources such as mold, rodents and cockroaches, as well as tobacco smoke greatly impact a child’s asthma far more than the flooring choice. In each of these studies, they show that asthma symptoms are reduced when these sources are lowered or removed, far more often then what flooring choice is in a child’s home.

Reducing allergens can make a big change. The way you clean can also have a large impact. Instead of replacing your carpeting, replace your vacuum instead. Look for a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter system to capture more of the allergens without releasing them into the air. Keep it clean to avoid releasing back into the air as you vacuum again and again.

Convinced you can love carpet again? If its time to install new carpeting in your home, let us know your concerns. We can point you to natural carpets made with fewer chemicals while still providing you with the look and comfort you demand. The options really are endless.

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Have Kids? Make Sure You Choose Carpets With These Features

They say having kids changes everything. And when it comes to your carpets, they aren’t kidding! Kids will cause new messes as fast as you clean up the old ones. They move from room to room faster than you can keep up with. And while hardwoods can quickly show their wear through dirt and scuff marks, carpets are a whole different story. If they create a big stain, you can spend hours trying to return it to its original condition.

Yet just because the thought of combining kids and carpeting can leave you overwhelmed doesn’t mean that there aren’t solutions. There are many ways to combine the warmth and style of carpeting with the active lifestyle kids bring in.have kids make sure you choose carpets with these features Have Kids? Make Sure You Choose Carpets With These Features

When selecting a carpet, go in with an open mind and choose based on your activities for the room, not from a preselect list of things you like. For rooms with lots of traffic and lots of activities, consider the following:

Textured Carpeting

There are many popular styles of carpeting that bring texture into your room. These carpets are cut pile carpet with alternating twists of yarn that create a two tone appearance. By having a textured surface, it will cover footprints, track marks easier, and cover dirt more efficiently.

Frieze Carpets

The frieze style of carpeting is a cut pile with a very high twist level. This means that each strand of yarn is twisted so tightly, it actually curves on the ends. This feature creates a textured and durable surface that will minimize wear.

Berber Carpets

With a Berber carpet, the yarn tips are not cut. This makes it idea for hiding footprints and track marks. The tight weaves are perfect for high traffic areas that get a lot of wear and abuse throughout the day. Keep in mind that because this is a loop carpeting, it will snag easier if you play or work on the carpeting.

Keep in mind that looks should not be your first consideration when selecting high traffic carpeting. Instead, choose based on features, followed by the right look for your décor. In today’s marketplace and with today’s technology, there are many options to fit every lifestyle and every budget. The key is starting with durability first, followed by looks.

Also remember that what adds to the functionality of a carpet is underneath … the cushion. The cushion you choose should be just as durable and help extend the life of your carpeting.

Kids will be kids, which means they will be down on the floor. If you plan what’s best for them at selection time, your overall satisfaction will rise significantly because it will make your home a warm and inviting place.

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Does Carpet Cushion Really Matter?

does carpet cushion really matter Does Carpet Cushion Really Matter?When its time to replace the carpets in our homes, we immediately consider a wide variety of things: style, color, pattern, thickness, durability. Yet one thing we don’t consider at all (at least until the flooring consultant asks us about it) is the carpet cushion.

Even though you can’t see the carpet cushion, it is equally as important as the carpeting itself. It’s the carpet cushion, not the carpet itself, that will ultimately determine how the carpet feels beneath your feet, and how well it will wear over the coming years.

Overall, carpet cushion:

  • Absorbs the impact of foot traffic
  • Helps extend the life of your carpeting
  • Helps protect your carpets against wear
  • Preserves the look and feel over time
  • Can improve sound and reduce noise in your room
  • Can make it easier to keep your carpets clean and maintain

Carpet cushion matters; but don’t think that the thickest pad or the most expensive one on the market is the best. There are many things to consider when purchasing carpet cushion.

Look for a cushion that is right for you. There are many levels of cushion – hard to soft – and the ultimate feel should be a personal preference, and a choice made depending on what room it will be placed in. Carpets in bedrooms may be soft and luxurious, versus a family room with high traffic may provide a little more support.

You don’t have to have the same cushion in every room in your home. Every room has its own needs and its own level of usage. Provide the right materials for the location.

When you have a choice, put your money into the carpet cushion instead of the carpet. People tend to stretch to purchase the best carpeting they can, then reduce the cost on the cushion. In reality, the opposite should occur. An upgraded cushion will extend the life of your carpets and make them wear better overall.

When selecting carpet cushion, don’t judge based on tiny squares of material. Place it under the carpet sample and walk on it. Take your shoes off and see how it really feels. You’ll be surprised at the differences, and discover very quickly just how important carpet cushion really is.

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