Reasons Why Your Bamboo Flooring May Have Warped

For many Colorado homes, nothing says home like wooden floors. And with so many options on the market today, many families are turning to bamboo in order to achieve the look, yet be eco-friendly in the process.

Bamboo mimics wooden floors in both aesthetics and behavior, but its important to remember that bamboo isn’t wood; it’s a renewable grass that gains similar properties to wood during the drying and production process. Therefore these floors are susceptible to warping if they are exposed to the wrong conditions.reasons why your bamboo flooring may have warped Reasons Why Your Bamboo Flooring May Have Warped

Insufficient acclimation process

Before bamboo planks can be installed in a room, they have to be acclimated and adjust to the humidity levels of the room prio to installation. Unfortunately many DIYers don’t understand this, and purchase and install the same day. Bamboo planks should have 3 to 6 days adjusting to the atmosphere before they are installed.

The subfloor wasn’t adequately prepared

All manufacturers will have guidelines for installation and the preparation of the subfloor beneath the bamboo planks. If the subfloor isn’t prepared properly, it can allow moisture to build, trap humidity, and allow the planks to warp. The subfloor is highly important, especially if you have a subfloor made of concrete that is more moisture-prone in the first place.

Improper use of adhesive

As a do-it-yourselfer, its easy to get confused by your options. While you care about the final look, in many cases it’s the installation process that will matter most for longevity. If you go with another adhesive because its lower in cost, you may pay the price down the road. Stick with all manufacturers guidelines when it comes to both selecting and installing bamboo planks with the correct line of adhesive.

Bamboo planks will expand

Just like wood planks, bamboo will need room to grow and breathe. The expansion gap is the space allowed between the planks and the edges of the rooms where it meets the wall or other vertical surfaces (such as a kitchen island). This extra space gives the bamboo planks room to settle in as it adjusts to the variables of your home, including seasons, temperatures, and varying humidity levels.

Spills and sitting water

Water damage can occur in many ways. It can occur when you leave wet boots by the front door. It can occur by a wet bath mat sitting for hours in front of the shower. It can occur by a knocked over cup of tea forgotten as you rush out for a busy day. The longer water has time to sit, the more damage it will do. Take preventative measures when you can – a rug in the entryway for wet boots. And if water damage does occur, call in an expert to help you repair your floors immediately.

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Finding The Perfect Flooring Solution For Seniors

In some cases choosing a flooring isn’t a matter of selecting the look you love best; it may also be wise to choose based on needs first.

The older we get, the more mobility becomes a factor in how we move and get through each day. Seniors have a frailer stature, weaker bone structures, and many potential ailments that can impact the way they move. Flooring can either add into the difficulty, or make the mobility process easier, depending on what is beneath our feet.finding the perfect flooring solution for seniors Finding The Perfect Flooring Solution For Seniors

Want a few suggestions for finding the perfect flooring solution for the senior in your life? Give these a try


Carpeting provides a soft, comfortable surface that makes this a popular choice throughout a home. Its especially comforting in bedrooms, where warmth is a factor as you crawl in and out of bed. Its also more beneficial in the case of falls, often softening the blow. Keep in mind its not just the carpeting that makes this a top choice; its also the padding. A quality padding can not only create an even softer flooring, it can also add years to the life of the carpet. The downside of carpeting, however, is its vulnerability to spills and stains. Spills must be cleaned as soon as possible or risk turning into stains. Excessive liquid left standing can quickly turn into bigger problems, such as mold and mildew.


Today’s vinyl flooring choices come in an array of styles and options. Love wood or tile? High quality vinyl can mimick the look. Vinyl flooring has a high durability and lifespan, and is a great choice when you want a low maintenance look. Keep in mind that certain types of vinyl will emit VOCs, which can impact the overall air quality of a room. If a senior has respiratory issues, such as asthma or breathing issues, you should be careful to work with a flooring contractor who can point you to vinyl options that don’t present VOC issues, and have a more eco-friendly approach.


Cork flooring is increasing in popularity due to its sustainable features and its functionality as a flooring option. Cork’s soft nature can be a big benefit for seniors that run the risk of falling. Its also comfortable to walk and stand on, especially for long periods of time. Treating the surface makes it more sustainable to spills, and eliminates the requirement for extensive cleaning when they occur.

Whatever your needs, whatever your requirements, there’s a perfect solution waiting for your floors. Talk with a flooring consultant about your options today.

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Tips For Having A Live Christmas Tree On Carpeting

There is no substitute for having a real Christmas tree throughout the holiday season. The fresh pine aroma, the uniqueness of each individual tree, nothing adds to the feel like having it front and center for your home’s Christmas display.

Despite their beauty, trees also require a lot of for having a live christmas tree on carpeting Tips For Having A Live Christmas Tree On Carpeting

There are typically three potential problems when you combine Christmas trees and the inside of your home: needles, water and sap. And when it comes to your carpeting, the one zooming to the top of the list is sticky tree sap. Nothing can impact your after holiday mood more than finding a trail of sap left behind in the fibers of your carpeting.

Sap is kind of like removing chewing gum. There are a few ways to handle it to make it easier to remove and less noticeable when the final remnants are gone.

Use rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol works as a drying agent, drying out the sap to make it easier to remove. Soak a small, clean cloth or paper towel in rubbing alcohol, then blot the stain gently. Never rub as you’ll make the problem worse. Repeat until entire sap stain is covered. Allow to dry, then pick the sap out of the fibers.

Use ice

If you’ve ever worked with ice to get gum out of hair, it works in much the same manner. Use the ice to harden the sap, allowing the ice to penetrate all affected areas. As the sap hardens, pick the sap out of the fibers.

Use dishwashing detergent

Dishwashing detergent is a natural stain remover and help break down oils. Therefore it also makes a natural cleaner for sap in your carpeting as well. Before you add detergent to your carpet, test a small area in a non-conspicuous place for color resistance. Then apply a small amount of detergent directly to the sap, massage with a warm, damp cloth, and let the detergent work into the fibers. Continue until the sap is loosened and removed. Be sure to remove all detergent as it can attract dirt if left behind.

Other alternatives

If you search online, you’ll find all kinds of alternatives to help remove sap from carpeting: peanut butter, mayonnaise, and more. Keep in mind that most of these removal items can actually cause a bigger stain than the sap. If you’ve tried several of the above mentioned solutions with little luck, it may be time to call in the experts.

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Tips For Having A Live Christmas Tree On Hardwood Floors

Its Christmas time … time for baking cookies and singing holiday songs as you gather around the Christmas tree.

If you’re like many of us, nothing will do except having a real Christmas tree in your home. Nothing compares to the smell and ambiance of a real tree. Of course having a real tree is not without its problems though, especially if you’ve recently installed hardwood flooring. Christmas trees on hardwood can lead to scratches in the finish, sap stains, and those impossible water marks that are difficult to get rid of without having the entire floor sanded and for having a live christmas tree on hardwood floors Tips For Having A Live Christmas Tree On Hardwood Floors

Its enough to make you think twice about joining in the festivities.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.

Two of the biggest enemies with using real trees on hardwood flooring are needles and water. Yet there is a simple way at reducing the risk associated with both.

Before you head out and choose the perfect tree, set up the area in your home first. The stand and the needles can both be the cause of scratches, so the more protection you have from the beginning, the less likely the problem will occur. Choose your area; then take an old sheet or blanket, fold it into quarters, and set it in your tree’s final resting spot.

When you arrive home after selecting your tree, gently shake it before you bring it into the house. This will loosen and remove very loose needles, making it less likely they will fall out as you bring it into your home.

Depending on the type of stand you are installing on to your tree, consider attaching it outside first. This will help additional needles fall to the ground outside rather than inside.

Moving a tree onto its side and setting it back up again as you carry it can cause a lot of needle disruption. Instead, find another soft blanket or an old run or bathmat, and place the tree onto it as soon as you enter your home. Slide your tree from the doorway to its final resting spot, taking care that needles don’t fall in front of the rug as you are pulling on it.

Once your tree is in its proper location, push the blanket up towards the trunk and cover with a plastic table cloth cut to size. This will add a layer of water resistance. Fill the base with water, and monitor on a daily basis. You can cover both layers with a festive tree skirt if you prefer.

After the holidays, when its time to take the tree back down, you have a built it removal system in place. Drain all the water, remove all the decorations, and slowly slide the tree back to the front door.

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Floating Floors – How Reliable Are They?

In years gone by, laying flooring was a long and tedious process. Floors had to be nailed down, glue and adhesives needed to be applied, mortar and cement were used to keep things in place.

While many of these same applications are still in use today (if something works, why change it?), there are many other options available as well. Like floating floors.floating floors how reliable are they Floating Floors – How Reliable Are They?

Floating floors don’t actually float; its simple a term used to refer to the installation process. Instead of having to nail or glue down each individual piece of tile or plank, they are attached to one another by means of gluing or snapping them together. Then once they are in place, they “float” above the subfloor or underlayment on to which they’ve been installed.

Think of it as a big jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are connected to one another, without being connected to what is underneath. The key is in the plastic trays used to connect one piece to another, giving it its support and stability.

While most people think of laminate flooring when they hear floating floors, in today’s world there are many options. Tiling also works well through interlocking structure, giving you a strong and sturdy flooring option anywhere in your home.

The main advantages of floating floors are:

  • They are easy and fast to install
  • They save you time and money
  • They make DIY projects easier

By using a floating method of installation, it allows your floor to expand and contract in response to changes in humidity levels. Which means you’ll rarely find a floating flooring system buckle under moist conditions. It will also never develop gaps in dry conditions.

That makes the floating flooring system the perfect choice in every room, including bathrooms and basements.

While floating floors are easier to install and can be a good DIY project, in order to get the job right the first time you may wish to use a professional. Stop by today to see our full selection of floating floor options, and let us install yours today.

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New Flooring Before The Holidays? There’s Still Time

Have a big New Years Eve party planned? Have company coming in for the holidays?

As you are making the mad dash around your home, fixing the little projects you’ve been meaning to do all year, one of the things you may notice when you look down is the condition of your flooring.

When did that stain become so noticeable?

All of a sudden you realize you are in desperate need for new flooring. The good news is that there’s still time to have it installed … but you have to act flooring before the holidays theres still time 300x198 New Flooring Before The Holidays? There’s Still Time

Typically November and December are the busiest times of the year for the flooring industry, because many people are thinking in the exact same way as you. Depending on the area you choose to install new flooring, and the type of flooring you select, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for completion.

Its also important to think about the traffic that will weave its way through your home, and the final selection you make. Carpet can be installed quickly and provide you immediate results. Hardwoods may need time for laying in place, sanding, staining and sealing, which will be a lot longer process.

Also keep in mind that while some flooring will need professional installation, some can take on a DIY quality, giving you the option to have results whenever you choose. Tiling an entryway or laying laminate has never been easier with click technology.

For example, lets say you are looking for a hardwood floor in your formal dining room. A floating floor installation is easy and doesn’t require a lot of tools to get the job done. It can save you in installation costs, and can give you the look and feel you want in no time.

And click technology is now available in all kinds of looks and styles: bamboo, cork, laminate, even vinyl flooring options give you the durability you are looking for.

To get started on choosing your dream floor, spend some time discovering what look you are trying to achieve. You can easily do this by looking at design magazines, or searching the Internet for home design concepts. With a few ideas in mind, visit and talk with one of our design consultants. Give them your time frames, your design ideas, and let them help you find the best solutions for you.

In some cases your product may need to be shipped, which may take a day or two. And with certain products, its best to acclimate them to your home before installation (another day or two).

Yet whether it’s a few days or even a week or more, the final results will be worth waiting for. And make a big difference in your holiday plans.

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Imagine hosting a party for your neighbors and friends and being able to say:

“My wood floors were once a part of an old homestead outside of town.”


“I’ve carried the wine theme in my cellar down to my floors; they were once a part of the inside of wine barrels.”reclaimed wood flooring 237x300 Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Not only can reclaimed wood flooring give new life to something that no longer has purpose; it can also give you a conversation piece right in your own home.

Reclaimed wood flooring is growing in popularity as a flooring option for many reasons. It can come for a variety of sources, including:

  • Fences
  • Old demolished buildings
  • Railroad cars
  • Wine barrels
  • Retired mills

If you travel back in time, trees hundreds of years old were hand crafted into beautiful boards, and were then used to create a lot of different structures used throughout our society. Our modern day forestry practices have set schedules for tree manufacturing, and therefore trees are harvested in a much quicker timeframe. As a result, the beauty and uniqueness you can find in reclaimed wood is like no other product on the market.

Using reclaimed wood has many advantages:

  • It keeps old wood out of the landfill
  • It prevents cutting down trees
  • It adds stability and durability to your flooring
  • It adds character to your home
  • It can provide a back story
  • It offers the option of using wider planks
  • It can be installed with radiant heating

And while the advantages are in abundance, keep in mind that there are a few disadvantages as well:

  • It can be expensive
  • It can come with false claims about the age and origin, so always go through a trusted dealer
  • It can come with metal pieces or nails, giving it a rough or marred appearance
  • It can have off-gassing from past chemical treatments

If reclaimed wood flooring sounds like the perfect option for your remodel, stop by today. Let’s talk about your alternatives, and help you narrow down the perfect choice for you.

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The Best Flooring For Stairs

“I love the staircase in my home. In fact, it’s the reason I bought my home. When you walk in, it’s the main focus of the entryway, and I love the woodworking and the way it flows up to the second level. Now I’m remodeling a bit, and I’m wondering what to do. . I have wood downstairs and carpet up. Currently the stairs are carpeted, but I’m wondering if I should install wood to carry the theme from the lower level. Is there a standard for stairs? What’s the best choice?”

Great question. Transitions are one of the most difficult decisions to make as you are moving from one area of your home to the next. And when it comes to stairs, there is more than looks to consider. The National Safety Council indicated that falls are one of the leading reasons people wind up in the emergency room each year, and if stairs aren’t kept in top shape, they can easily be one of the most dangerous parts of your home.the best flooring for stairs 300x199 The Best Flooring For Stairs

While there are many options that will look great and provide you with both style and safety in the process, it really comes down to a personal choice, what’s good for your lifestyle, and what matches your home’s existing décor.

Tile and Stone

Tile or stone are two of the best flooring options for stairs when you are looking for durability and low maintenance. With thousands of colors, styles, shapes and sizes available, the design options are endless. But keep in mind that tile is hard and unforgiving. They can be cold and noisy, and can cause injury easily in the event of a fall. You may want to think twice about installing tile if you have young kids or elderly people living at home. Make sure to invest in tiles that are slip resistant, and choose a rough surface over a smooth glazed finish.


Wood planks provide the look of luxury with durability that can last for years. To add even more style to your home, consider using hardwood treads with a contrasting colored riser. Because wood comes in many colors and styles, its easy to create a safe environment while getting the perfect look in the process. If safety is a concern, you can attach safety strips designed for use on individual treads.


Carpeting offers a soft, quiet, comfortable feel to your staircase, while creating a warmth that cannot be matched by any other material. Its also one of the best safety stairway flooring options on the market. While carpeting won’t have a lifespan parallel to wood or tile, it can vary greatly depending on the fiber.


Instead of settling in on one option for your staircase, why not look at several? How about solid wood treads with stone or ceramic tile risers? Or wood treads with carpet runners down the flow of the staircase?

Costs related to each flooring type vary greatly depending on final selections. Before you make your final decision, stop by and see your options first. There may be a perfect solution to help you get the most out of the look you’ve grown to love.

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How To Get A Wood Look Without Installing Wood Flooring

No matter what room you are redecorating, starting with a wood floor gives it style and pizzazz. Yet in some cases, the perfect choice for the flooring isn’t wood at all.

With today’s technology, you can get a wood look without installing wood flooring.

  • Think laminate
  • Think vinyl
  • Think tile

You can achieve a wood look with many different products on the market, all that will provide you with more flexibility, more durability, especially in rooms where you may need it most (like the bathroom for instance).how to get a wood look without installing wood flooring How To Get A Wood Look Without Installing Wood Flooring

A client recently came in looking for new flooring. She had a rental unit, and wanted to upgrade the look without breaking the bank. The old dingy carpet had to go, and she wanted to give her place a fresh updated look. Her rental was in a college area, so most likely her tenant would be someone in their young 20s. Wood would be a definite benefit, and could even boost her monthly fee. She selected a laminate, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Laminates have the look and feel of real wood, but offer you the wood look on a budget. Laminates are made up of layers – a high resolution photo reproduction of wood on the top, two layers of core board to increase durability and moisture resistance, followed by a bottom layer of plastic that provides moisture protection from the sub-floor. All four layers are pressurized together to give you a functional flooring option. With its click together installation system, its easy to have installed, or the perfect choice for a DIYer wanting to take on the work themselves.

While laminate is a great option, its by no means the only option. Vinyl plank products offer a waterproof option that is great for places where water messes are likely – think kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of pricing structures, and likewise will offer many looks and feels. The more you put into it, the more luxurious it can become, the greater the impression of looking like real wood.

Tiling with a wood look is also an option. It comes in a variety of colors and styles – how about a weathered wood plank flooring look? Tiling is one of the most durable flooring products on the market, so if longevity is a bonus, tiling may be your answer.

If you are ready to install wood floors in your home, but aren’t convinced real wood is the answer, come in and look at the many flooring products that will give you the look, and increase functionality and durability in the process.

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A Basic Guide To Laminate Flooring

One of the easiest floors to install, one that offers low maintenance throughout your home, and one that offers a long life no matter how much action it receives is laminate flooring. With today’s technology, it can be printed to simulate a variety of flooring options, such as hardwood planks, slate or ceramic tiles. With all of that going for it, laminate flooring may be the perfect choice for your home.

Laminate flooring is a synthetic flooring made up of several layers of different materials fused together by heat, pressure and adhesive. While laminates can take on many different looks, including wood, they actually contain no wood materials. Instead, they are constructed from fiberboard and resins.a basic guide to laminate flooring 199x300 A Basic Guide To Laminate Flooring

The top layer is the wear layer, the layer that will be visible to the eye and complement your décor. This layer is an invisible surface generally made from aluminum oxide chemical treatment that protects the surface from scratches and other damage.

The second layer is the photograph layer. This is the surface that gives laminate its appearance. Its created with a photograph or pattern printed on paper embedded in resin, and is designed to give the product its visual appeal. Typically it will simulate the look of hardwood, cork, bamboo, natural stone, ceramic, or even brick pavers.

At its core, laminate has a fiberboard core that provides its depth, structure and stability. Its comprised of wood chips or sawdust ground into a fine powder, then coated with resin and pressed into flat sheets.

The back layer provides a moisture barrier. This works with the water resistant wear layer on top to sandwich the photograph and fiberboard together to create a water tight seal around the core material. It also provides stability during installation.

Laminate must be installed over an underlayment, and is most often found as a cork or foam roll. The underlayment provides a surface to reduce noise while walking on it, so its important to install the best underlayment you can afford.

Laminate flooring is durable, stain resistant, and mold resistant, meaning it’s a great choice for rooms throughout your home. If you will be installing laminate in kitchens, baths, or laundry rooms, make sure you choose a laminate that has a water resistant additive, which can be added during the manufacturing process. This will make the flooring more durable in places where water is more likely to accumulate.

No matter what style or look you are trying to achieve, laminate flooring may be the perfect choice for you. Stop by and look at the many options available to you – you will be surprised at the look you can achieve with laminate flooring.

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