10 Tips To Buying An Area Rug

10 Tips To Buying An Area Rug 10 Tips To Buying An Area Rug

Hardwood and tile flooring are both popular choices for a home’s floor. However, neither of these options provides a “soft” area – an area where your feet can relax, an area where your little ones can crawl in comfort. This is one reason why area rugs are a useful option.

These small rugs provide the look and feel of carpet without the fuss and muss. They also give you an easy way to add a splash of style to your home. You can have your cake and eat it, too – or in this case, you can have your hard flooring and your carpet too. Keep the following ten tips in mind when buying your next area rug.

1.    Use masking tape to “visualize” the size of the rug you will need.

2.    Snap a picture of the room where you need the area rug and take it with you for reference when you go shopping.

3.    Make sure your rug pattern does not clash with your curtains.

4.    Light-colored rugs will make a room feel bigger, while dark-colored rugs will give the room a feeling of coziness.

5.    If you need more than one rug in a room, make sure the designs and color complement each other.

6.    If you look at the back of a rug, you can determine if it is handmade or manufactured by a machine. Stiff fibers that are straight up and down indicate a machine-made rug, while a rug that folds and crumples with ease is usually handmade.

7.    Use padding under the area rug in high traffic areas to extend the life of the rug, as well as to minimize movement of the rug.

8.    Use double-sided tape to keep the corners of the area rug in place.

9.    Rotate your area rugs every six months to a year, depending on foot traffic, to extend their life.

10.    Keep about an eight-inch gap around a rug when you place one on a wooden floor – this gives the rug room to move.

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