Ceramic Tile Crafts For Kids

School vacations. Gotta love them, right? By the second day, you’ll start hearing the “I’m bored” and “There’s nothing to do”. And if you haven’t taken the time to plan for the reaction, you may be ready to send them back to school in short order.

Craft projects are the easiest way to keep every age busy for an extended period of time. And the more complex you make the project, the more time you give yourself to enjoy spending time with your family.

Ceramic tile is  a welcome feature in today’s homes. It looks great in a variety of places, from kitchen floors and backsplashes, to bathroom floors and more. But it also works well in the hands of your kids. Give these craft ideas a try and you’ll not only keep your kids busy, you’ll also have a fun new decoration to include in your family home.

Tile Plant or Candle Holder

With just a plain 6 inch by 6 inch tile, you can let your kids’ imaginations soar. Bring out the permanent markers or paints, depending on the ages of your children. Then let them decorate the tile in any way they choose. You can give them a theme, or just let them have fun. Have them put their names and dates on the bottom of the tile if it will be a gift. Then allow the paints or markers to dry. Turn the tile over and affix four marbles – one in each corner – with wood or super glue. Allow to dry. When the marbles are set, turn it over and put it into use. You can use it as a plant or candle holder, or turn it into a table protector for hot dishes.

Mosaic Ceramic Tile FlowerpotCeramic Tile Crafts For Kids 284x300 Ceramic Tile Crafts For Kids

To start this project, you will need to collect a few supplies. You will need a flowerpot of any size, small tiles in as many colors as you choose, tile grout, a plastic knife and a sponge. Cover the area you will be working on completely with newspapers and plastic. Cover the flowerpot with a thick layer of tile grout using the plastic knife. If the flowerpot is large, work in sections. While the grout is still moist, have the kids arrange the tiles in any pattern they choose, covering up as much space as possible. Use more grout to fill in the spaces between the tiles. Allow the pot to dry overnight, then use the sponge to remove any excess grout.

Mosaic Ceramic Tile Wall Art

Instead of using a flowerpot, give yourself a more solid surface and create a wall hanging for your favorite room. Start by gathering a large piece of Masonite or other strong board, cut to any size you choose. Gather tile grout, ceramic tiles in many sizes and colors, a plastic knife and a sponge. Lay out the pieces of tile into patterns or use them to create images. Working in sections, place a heavy layer of grout on the board, followed by placing the tiles in their proper place. Work in sections until complete. When finished, use the knife to fill in gaps between the tiles with grout, creating a smooth surface across the board. When completely dry, use a damp sponge to remove excess grout. Frame, hang and enjoy.

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