Colorado Pro Flooring Celebrates Earth Day 2012

Its Earth Day 2012. This year’s focus is on securing Renewable Energy for all, and building a sustainable future for our planet.

With over one billion people participating this year, its natural to want to do what you can. But why stop at one day – why not create an action step that will last many years to come?

A Billion Acts of Green Colorado Pro Flooring Celebrates Earth Day 2012

When it comes to flooring, choose flooring with a green emphasis. More flooring manufacturers are using sustainable materials and choosing to use manufacturing processes that greatly reduce their carbon footprint. Before you buy, ask your flooring representative what your options are. If you haven’t looked at flooring in awhile, you’ll be surprised to find how many companies have made the choice and commitment to going green.

For a floor to be considered sustainable, it generally must be made from natural resources that constantly replenish with little to no outside assistance. Examples would include bamboo, cork and linoleum flooring options.

In many cases a flooring option can start out green, yet lose status during the manufacturing process. The machinery and energy used to gather the raw materials plays a huge part in determining a product’s eco-friendliness. For example, machinery uses a high amount of energy to release rock and stone needed for concrete, which reduces its green factor. Yet cork is sourced without the use of machinery, making it more environmentally friendly.

In addition to natural flooring resources, many people are also looking at other options, including recycled and reclaimed flooring. Recycled materials can be used to create many types of new flooring, including recycled hardwood, laminate, carpet and tile. Reclaimed hardwoods may actually be more stable than freshly sawed woods because they have been exposed to elements and changes a lot longer. Both options may be cost a bit more because you are paying for time and effort for dismantling the original product as well as creating the new.

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