Hiring A High Quality Hardwood Flooring Contractor

Redoing the flooring in part or all of your home can be a tricky process. You must manage the maze of flooring options, price points, pros and cons, and places to buy flooring.

hiring a high quality hardwood flooring contractor Hiring A High Quality Hardwood Flooring ContractorOnce your Colorado flooring has been chosen, you will likely be confronted with a new decision: what contractor to hire to do the job. Before you make your decision, here are a few qualifications you should be looking for.

1. Check for recommendations – Word of mouth is an excellent way to filter through the seemingly endless list of contractors. Ask friends, family, co-workers, realtors, builders, etc. if they have a contractor they have worked with satisfactorily in the past.

2. Get a second opinion – Always get at least two quotes for the job. Prices, inclusions, timelines, quality, and customer service can vary drastically from one contractor to another. Talking to multiple contractors before hiring one will help give you a better idea of what services are available to you.

3. Ask about past work – What type of experience does your potential contractor have? Have they worked primarily in residential or commercial settings? Do they have any experience installing the type of hardwood you want put in? Do they have any pictures of previous jobs, or past customers you can contact?

4. Ask for a detailed contract – You don’t want to start a project and be surprised half way through with a costly delay or problem. Be sure your contract details the work to be done (in detail), the anticipated timeline, the milestones for work and payment, etc. The more detailed the contract, the better your leverage if things go poorly.

5. Be careful about paying up front – All contractors will require a portion of the cost up front to cover initial costs. However, you should be wary of contractors that require a majority of the price up front.

6. Take time to think – You are under no pressure to sign a contract today. Take a night (or two) to look over provided estimates and consider if this is truly the contractor you want to install your floor.

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