How to Prepare For Carpet Installation

Its time to select your carpet.

The home carpet installation process is quite simple for a home that’s brand new or newly renovated and empty, or still being constructed. However, for homes that are currently occupied, the process will definitely entail a few additional steps for the homeowner.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for carpet installation:

Plan ahead of time- The first and most important stage perhaps is planning. This includes determining the schedule that works for you, and choosing the right contractor that can meet your deadlines and requests. Initially focusing on these factors will help save on time, money, effort, and yield the best to prepare for carpet installation How to Prepare For Carpet Installation

Identify the details- Once you have your carpeting selected and a contractor ready to go, be prepared for some surprises along the way. In some cases, there may be a need to use other services or materials to prepare the home and complete the installation. For instance, will you find mildew when replacing a basement carpet? While we never want to find problems, being prepared for them and allowing time in your schedule to deal with the unexpected will curb your stress throughout the process.

Prepare your home- As the day moves closer, box up and move as much of your fixtures, furnishings, and furniture as possible. While big items can be moved around as needed, its much easier if smaller items are out of the way during the process. Also keep in mind of other routine or out of the ordinary scheduled activities you may have in place. If the boy scout meeting always occurs on Wednesday night in your home, trying to complete the project and get ready may cause additional stress for you and your family.

Installation time- The average carpet installation process for homes usually takes up one or two days, although the number of hours or days varies depending on size of the area to be covered and the design and layout of the room. Your contractor will give you an idea of the time expected, and barring and unforeseen problems, will usually be a pretty good guess on the timing.

After installation-  Some carpet installation contractors offer services of taking care of dismantling and disposing of old carpet materials, re-installation of fixtures and moldings, and other services related to the project such as rearranging furniture. In some cases though, you will need to find a different contractor to take care of those details. You will most likely need to do some vacuuming and cleaning up after the carpet installation.

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